I believed that being a night owl was in my DNA – just the way that I
was – and had no idea that this was actually a very limiting belief that
was keeping me from being a better wife and mom. Over time I got tired
of feeling busy but not productive and decided that something had to
change, so I started waking up early. MORNINGS

Hear me, mama. If you want to change your entire life with one simple
change, start waking up early.

Waking up early has been the single most transforming thing I have ever
done in my life, right next to ditching my clutter

I think there are seasons of life where it just isn’t gonna happen (a baby
who isn’t sleeping well yet, pregnancy) but for most people in most
seasons, I think becoming an early riser is the key to successfully rocking

I’ve heard people say they are actually more productive late at night when
everyone’s in bed, and that may be true, but I found that there was a
chance my nighttime productivity session wouldn’t come – life happens,
the day can make you tired, things come up. and mom. Over time I got tired
of feeling busy but not productive and decided that something had to
change, so I started waking up early. MORNINGS

You might not get the chance for some quiet, focused time in your Bible
at 2 PM or 10 PM, but you will at 5 AM. I reached a point in my life
where I was not living on purpose, and I was struggling. I needed to take
my days my the horns and pursue discipline, and that meant waking up

I love what Laura Vanderkam says in her eBook What the Most
Successful People Do Before Breakfast, “Seizing your mornings is the
equivalent of that sound financial advice to pay yourself before you pay
your bills. If you wait until the end of the month to save what you have
left, there will be nothing left over.

Likewise, if you wait until the end of the day to do meaningful but not
urgent things like exercise, pray, read, ponder how to advance your career
or truly give your family your best, it probably won’t happen. If it has to
happen, it has to happen first.”

It is so much easier to become distracted in the middle or at the end of
the day, especially when you’re a busy mama. Having kids means stuff
comes up on a daily hourly basis. You cannot count on later for doing
things that matter.

There is so much on our to-do lists as moms that it can be stressful trying
to decide how to spend our early morning time. It’s easy to give in to the
pull to catch up on a looming task like laundry. But really, the mornings
need to be for the things you can’t do well with kids awake and life

In the early morning hours, it feels like life is paused. It’s quieter, solitude
is so much easier to find, and you can think clearly (post-coffee, of course).
Think about what you can do in these early hours that is really hard to
get done during the rush of the day. Quiet time, prayer, reading, exercise,
stretching, breathing – do those things. and mom. Over time I got tired
of feeling busy but not productive and decided that something had to
change, so I started waking up early. MORNINGS

What fills your soul and makes you feel like you can handle the day ahead and live it well? Is it reading Scripture? Sitting still while you listen to music? Taking in a good book? Meditation? Find a way to be productive, some guided peaceful time in your morning. For me, I read my Bible as well as a short devotional (Streams in the Desert is my all-time favorite).


It’s really important to give yourself a strong, positive start to the day because it’s so easy for things. We up our odds of success and take control of where our minds will go as the day’s events unfold. I like to take a walk and read my morning affirmations out loud. These affirmations have a powerful effect on me and get my mind right every time, no matter what’s going on. I also give my day to the Lord in prayer on my morning walk.


If exercise isn’t a part of your week, it should be. Countless studies show what an incredible, positive effect movement has on your body and your mind. You can’t take care of yourself without some kind of exercise.

Take a walk, follow along with a yoga YouTuber, train for a 5k, get a kickboxing DVD. Along with
my morning walk, I have a gym membership which I use a few times a week. I’m also productive a fan of yoga and am currently on track to become a licensed instructor. Find what moves you, inside and out, and make it a part of your morning rhythm.

What practical things really need to get done? What are your most pressing tasks for the day ahead?.

For me, as a writer with four small kids at home all day with me, it is incredibly difficult for me to create a quiet space for writing. When i need to get my most pressing writing done earl
in the morning. write about 1,000- 2,000 words in the morning a few days a week. This keeps me on top of my task list with running the blog and doesn’t take me too long.

If you don’t run a blog or business, your work could be a load of laundry or meal planning. Whatever makes you feel pressured when you think about not getting it done during the day, do it early in the morning.
Productive Get it out of the way so that if life happens and things come up, it’s okay because your highest priority tasks are taken care of. You’ll be a much happier, calmer mom – trust me

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