Today, we otherwise healthy women can find ourselves exhausted at the end of the day. We are often asked to do more with less, give more than we have, and create more than required between what people expect of us and what we expect of ourselves. The twenty-four hours of each day are not enough. It feels like there is very little available to help us recharge, and slowing down is not an option for most of us. So what is the answer? A Mind-Body-Spirit Approach.

Many women practice Alternative Medicine or Holistic Health, which is today Complementary and Integrative Medicine. Both stay-at-home moms and women who run significant businesses describe similar symptoms of exhaustion. No matter how they spend their days, the experiences and feelings women report are the same. It seems that their bodies and minds are always in overdrive, and they are overwhelmed. The good news: It doesn’t have to be this way.

By simply paying attention to the three essential areas of our health, any woman can arm herself and manage the expectations, obligations, and commitments that fill her days and nights. These three areas include:

a Mind-Body-Spirit Approach
  • Mind (mental and emotional well-being)Body (proper diet, supplements, and activities, and hormonal balance)Spirit (feeling love for herself, others, and her Higher Power)
By focusing on these three areas, we women can control our well-being and be the very best versions of ourselves. This will allow us to achieve our goals while finally having the ability to take a breath and enjoy the gifts of our lives—families, jobs, friends, and personal time.

It is so essential for women to awaken themselves to their highest selves and the fantastic powers of creation that lie within them and to know that to thrive in life is more than having a lot of money, a physically fit body and great relationships. Thriving is a spiritual experience. Always know who you are and why you are here. Know that you are already whole and have everything you need within yourself to be happy and healthy. Strive to be healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It is definitely where we are going in the 21st century. Make your destiny thrive on all levels and in all ways, because it is up to us to initiate this creation in our lives. It is available to everyone, and it is time.


“It’s amazing how well my day goes, as if the Universe knows who I am and what I want, and things flow to me in such a timely way. As if I am dancing with the Universe. When I wake in the morning, I am full of energy and well-being. I am glad to be alive and appreciate all the wonderful people I have in my life. I love knowing I can deal with anything that comes up and the benefit I offer to others because inspiration comes to me effortlessly. But most importantly, I love knowing that I have infinite choices.”

By Dr. Patti Felici

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