Build happy memories that will last all year long by giving these safe and healthy toys for the holidays. This holiday season we’re constantly bombarded with commercials for the latest electronic and video games, but why not choose a different path and give an old-fashioned gift instead.

There will be no need for batteries, manuals or intricate set-ups; these are gifts that can begin delighting your child as soon as the wrapping is torn away. And there’s another plus: these are safe toys that have been child-tested for generations. 


Whether you’re choosing simple building blocks or sophisticated Lego sets to construct skyscrapers, cities or even space stations, blocks come in a variety of choices to suit any child on your list. Blocks help develop motor and spatial skills, hand-eye coordination and creativity. Older kids can create elaborate settings in which to live out imaginary scenarios. For instance, once a city is built, who will live there and what else will they need? This holiday the possibilities are endless. 


Playing with dolls seems to fulfill an innate human need. Indeed, dolls have been part of mankind since prehistoric times. There is no end to the types of dolls that can be chosen as gifts, and no age group that would not welcome them. Whether plain or beautifully costumed for the young collector, dolls are a way little girls can create their own fantasy worlds and fire their imaginations. The “American Girl” doll series is a recent example of how irreplaceable dolls are in a little girl’s world.


The children’s book industry is booming and there is everything from timeless classics to brand-new books available for any child on your list. If you are looking for ideas, check out the lists of children’s book award winners; you’ll find books for every age.

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