Art evolves as quickly as its own time

Art evolves as quickly as its own time

Reality is reinvented with each piece of artwork that goes above and beyond to represent it on a deeper level. Willy Ramos serves this with every one of his paintings in which his true artistry and impressive range of breathtaking colors, amaze all. Art evolves

Art evolves as quickly as its own time. Ramos embraces it. Not only are his painting
beautiful and vibrant but they represent a fresh outlook on life and the rawest most honest parts of the human psyche concerning our community and nature.

Willy Ramos, is a historical artist who lives in Valencia that has reappeared with strength and desire in a time of northern lights and unexplainable images. He has done it in the gallery Alba Cabrera de València. There he exhibits his personal and recognizable language that we see represented in his work and above all his desire to continue living and creating on the edge of risk. And embracing a challenging creative process.


Contemporary art is a complex and constantly changing platform. In it, almost nothing is easy to explain, everything changes suddenly. It is in need of higher sensitivity and, above all, of an inseparable framework of mercantilist channels despite its absolute. Vulnerability and independence. The artist’s work is silent and solitary. Their creative universes not only lie within the confines of a small studio but is constantly in motion throughout their. day to day lives. Art is not inspiration but insistence and work that is never satisfied. Willy Ramos vindicates the explosion of color from abstraction or his personal reinterpretations of Impressionism on a surreal level; as if they represented particular intimate encounters with Fauvism, Twombly or Monet, but in the form of a more personal. And recognizable product.

His Colombian blood allows him to leave this landscape of clouds that has led many artists to a dark passage of doubt. Walking among his paintings represents a return to a time of vitality that renounces momentary monotony and assumes its risks. Art evolves


But beyond those paintings sometimes instinctive, intuitive or subtly matured from the personal expression, Willy gives another twist to show us that his mind is constantly working to express and create in the most intimate way possible; a perfect reflection of character. And for that reason it surprising to see him produce a series of feminine portraits in the form of wall sculptures that finally brings to light in all its extension. Portraits made through the superposition of welded metals, assembled and colored that bring and return to their own creative universe and aesthetic discourse. Maybe art, like everything, is in crisis or is on the way out of it.

By Jonathan Welsh

Ryan Amsel

Art by Willy Ramos

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