Ballet lessons exist for the very young and the very young at heart. Some classes also exist for children as young as three years old; a precocious child may be able to take ballet classes earlier. For simple introductory courses, consider ballet lessons that focus on having fun with a few ballet moves rather than rigid instruction. Should

Normally, parental presence during classes for the very young child is highly desirable or mandatory. Some ballet lessons are even “mommy and me” types, where both parent and child participate. If you want to wait until a child can attend ballet lessons solo, then you will probably have to wait until the child is about three years old.

Ballet classes that focus more on technique than fun usually require the child to exhibit a certain level of maturity. The child should be able to take directions, pay attention, listen and take mild criticism. A child who really loves ballet may like a teacher and offer rapt attention to that teacher. These are often the children who go on to have careers in ballet, if their admiration and love matches their abilities.

Pre-ballet classes are often offered to dancers between the ages of 4 and 8. Most teachers believe that the attention spans of 3-year-olds are too short to deal with, and prefer parents to wait until a child is at least 4. Pre-ballet classes have become quite popular in private dance studios. Some pre-ballet classes may even introduce students to the five positions of ballet, stressing the importance of proper posture

By Susy Gramoff, Art Director

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