Hot berries and peanut butter already sound like a dream coming true for me. I am the biggest fan of berries combined with peanut butter and even though my dad was american, I just recently started to discover this breathtaking combination.

Before I created this recipe, I dreamed about peanut butter and how I would put it into a food processor. Unfortunately I could not remember what exactly I was trying to make so my head was full of the weirdest peanut butter creations possible.

The outcome is something I am very proud of and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


For the filling:

  • 250g strawberries, frozen
  • 100g raspberries, frozen
  • 3Tbs maple syrup
  • Juice of one lemon

For the streusel:

  • 80g oat flour
  • 120g whole wheat flour, spelt and all purpose flour should be fine too
  • 2 Tbsp creamy peanut butter
  • 50g peanuts
  • 80g vegan butter, cut into pieces
  • 4 Tbs maple syrup


  • STEP 1

Preheat oven to 180C. In a medium bowl mix together ingredients for the filling, mix well and set aside

  • STEP 2

While berries unfreeze a little, prepare the streusel by adding all ingredients to a food processor and blend until a dough firms. It should not be sticky but moist enough to make streusels with it

  • STEP 3

Pour the filling into baking dish and shape little and bigger streusels with your hands, adding one at a time on top of the filling.

  • STEP 4

Bake for 25 minutes until streusels are golden brown and let cool at least 15 minutes until you eat it.

By Sassi Swanson

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