Acknowledge mental health challenges. It’s essential to make healthy decisions. ‘What is this feeling?’ ‘Is this really happening?’ ‘Why can’t I sleep?’ ‘ Should I eat this ?’ ‘Why do I have racing, scary thoughts?’ learn about the importance of Brain health.

a Healthy Brain can make all the difference



After all, that IS the first time you've quieted down all day, so your brain thinks "Woohoo! It's time to go! Ok, so let's talk about everything that happened today! First, that breakfast that we had today, I'm not sure about that..."
fresh mercies for the new year

Fresh Mercies for the New Year

Did your fall semester in middle school, college or graduate school end on a low note? The spring semester that starts in a few days is a new beginning for you. Was last year a tough one at work? Did you lose a job? Did you have to move your family from a place everybody really liked to a new location? One way to cope is to think of what you can gain rather than what you’ve lost. Focus on what to learn from the experience in order to help you move forward. Make some new friends.

The Power of Mindfullness

Many people assume that mindfulness is a New Age fad that offers nothing to them as far as improving their lives. They may know it's about being aware of what's happening at this very moment and paying great attention to our thoughts and emotions in ...


I’ve had so many wonderful guests on my podcast, but I have to say that one of my favorite conversations to date was wth Bob & Maria Goff. Bob is the author of Love Does and Maria recently released her first book called Love Lives Here, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to talk to them about their lives as fearless parents, risk-takers and nurturing a sense of adventure in your kids.