Remember when you couldn’t wait toget to the gym? You’d wake up and head out the door, eager to jump onyour favorite piece of equipment, or you’d race to be first in line for your group fitness class. After a while, that eagerness turned to ambivalence,or worse, dread. Soon you had toconvince yourself to go, which affectedhow often you worked out. Nowyou need to find a way to even getinterested in the gym or your groupfitness class, or your solo in-houseworkout routines.

We have some ideas to get youstarted in the right directionFirst, you have to make heart healtha priority. The best way to make sureyou’re doing what’s right for your body,mind, and heart is to make sure youget adequate cardio workouts.

Don’tmake it too difficult because it’s notabout how you move, rather abouthow often you move at the right speed.Cardio should be about moving yourlarge muscle groups, such as your armsand legs. What you’re doing whenyou’re running on a treadmill or inthat kickboxing class is forcing bloodto travel through your arteries, whichis a good thing. Your heart and lungsare forced to work harder to meetthe increased demand for oxygenthroughout your body.

Oxygen is what helps to keep your cells in tip-top shape.It doesn’t matter what kind of exerciseyou do. You just have to move often.What kind of exercises are the bestfor your heart? Swimming is an excellent exercise that’s not too hard on your muscles orjoints. The motion of the water helpsto calm your nerves and lower your stress levels. The best part? People ofall ages can do it. If you don’t have access to a pool, check with your localgym.

Chances are they offer swimlessons or water aerobics. Some even offer hydrobiking classes that can be alot of fun. Get out and dance. Ten minutes oftoe-tapping fun is a quick and easy wayt o get in a cardio workout, so turn up the music and dance to your heart’s content. It will get the endorphinshopping, your body moving, and your heart rate up. It’s the perfect exercisefor anyone at any skill level. You don’thave to dance like Fred and Gingerto reap the benefits.

Check with yourlocal dance studios if you’d like to take adance class or two. They’re likely to haveplenty of classes from which to chooseGrab your bike and go! Rememberhow much fun you had whenyou’d ride your bike around theneighborhood when you were akid? Well—news flash—you can experience that fun again. Grabyour bike and take a ride around town.

Have your children orgrandchildren pull their bikes outof the garage and hit a bike trail forhours of family fun. Biking is a greatway to improve circulation, relievestress, and get your heart pumping. Join a teamThere are dozens of organized teamsports for adults. Play basketballor volleyball or dig out your oldbowling ball from the attic and getstarted today. The camaraderie willdo you some good, and the exerciseis just what your heart needs.

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