Remaining Committed to Quality and Accessible Care During COVID-19

In these challenging times, the risk of COVID-19 compromises our emotional and physical health. In the face of this pandemic, Care Resource is even further committed to providing access to quality and comprehensive healthcare. We consistently strive to keep our patients’ holistic health in balance. To serve our patients while protecting them from COVID-19 by adhering to the practice of social distancing, we have expanded care resource telehealth medical and behavioral health services.

Care Resource Telehealth
Care Resource Telehealth

Most commercial insurance carriers, including Medicaid and Medicare, cover telehealth services. Some insurance plans, such as Aetna and UnitedHealthcare, will cover telehealth services at no cost. Those enrolled in the Ryan White program will also be able to benefit from telehealth services.

In order to initiate a telehealth session, patients must call the health center and specifically request a telehealth appointment. Next, patients must download the Zoom application on a mobile device or visit to connect with a provider via video conference.

Care Resource’s Behavioral Health Services Department will also offer all counseling services via telehealth. Our licensed behavioral health specialists are available to discuss the heightened anxiety levels that our community is experiencing during this time and provide coping mechanisms. Virtual support and social groups will replace in-person meetings.

Care Resource will schedule medical appointments for those patients in our Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) program.
Care Resource Telehealth
Care Resource Telehealth

“We are pleased to offer telehealth services to our patients as a flexible way of having their healthcare needs met, whether it be questions about their symptoms, starting PrEP to prevent HIV, management of chronic illness, or other questions. Steven Santiago, Chief Medical Officer.

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