Care Resource is encouraging South Florida to “Personalize Your Plate” during National Nutrition Month. This theme recognizes the diversity of body-types, individual goals, and personal preferences. Nutritionis especially vital during the COVID-19 pandemic. A well-balanced diet improves the immune system, further protects from illness, and supports quickerhealing. JOURNEY

According to Gloria Cabral, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), “Through out this pandemic, eat in a healthy way that works for you. Whatever meal you make, make sure it includes vitamins, fiber and protein. If you have toeat canned foods, choose options without added salt or sugar. Evenif you’re spending more time at home, keep drinking water. If you want, add some lemon or fruit togive it flavor! Get creative and make a meal that works for you. When youeat well, you’ll feel good, and that’sreally important during these times.” Care Resource Below are recommended healthy habits to stay on track in the road to greater wellness:

Habit 1:

Indulging Comfort FoodsIn response to stress, many usefood for emotional soothing.Often, these “comfort foods” arehigh in carbohydrates, sugar, andfat, which negatively impact our health in the long-run.Fix: Nutritious foods are moresupportive for our behavioralhealth than comfort foods. If you’refeeling down, reach out to a friendor therapist. When you choose toindulge a snack, bake a healthydessert with a loved one!

Habit 2:

Binge-Watching To cope with sadness, boredom andloneliness, individuals have turnedto television. These long periods ofinactivity are often accompanied by snacking, causing individuals toovereat processed foods.Fix: Practice digital mindfulnessand limit the hours of televisionyou watch each day. This way,you’ll have more time for otheractivities such as virtual exercise classes, support groups, andpersonal hobbies that keep you connecting, instead of overeating.

Habit 3:

Set a Meal Schedule Due to the changes in our livesthroughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our schedules havebeen upended. We may neglect toeat or drink water, forgetting tomeet our body’s needs.Fix: It’s essential to keep aschedule that supports balancedeating. Some choose to eat a freshbreakfast that is low in sugarand salt.

Others may choose todrink water shortly after wakingup, and eat only after a period ofintermittent fasting. Whicheverroutine you choose, eat mindfully and run your plan by a registerednutritionist! This month provides anopportunity to reset. JOURNEY

By meeting with Registered Nutritionist, Gloria Cabral, and primary providers at Care Resource, community members can establish a nutrition plan that works for them, improve their eating patterns and overall wellness.

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