Luxurious, glorious, mesmerizing, and enchanting are often the adjectives that describe luxury living at its best. But when those words describe the Carillon Spa and Beach Club experience, they fall short. With a brand-new state-of-the-art facility sitting on the majestic Floridian coastline, Carillon offers the best of the best in luxury wellness care. Healthy Magazine’s experts in the field have noticed this one-of-a-kind facility and experience all the Carillon has to offer.

It’s an experience that you must enjoy up close and personal to understand in its entirety.

Carillon Spa and Beach Club

Carillon Spa and Beach Club

It’s often said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. With that in mind, the path to total body relaxation improved health, and peace of mind begins. For many, by making one call to Miami’s own Carillon Miami Wellness Resort. This all-inclusive spa and wellness center carefully select personalized care for everyone who walks through its doors. The exclusive care treatments at Carillon provide an experience like no other. Designed to heighten the senses, enhance overall wellness, and give a lasting sense of contentment and well-being.

Carillon’s customized spa packages relieve tension, ease stress throughout the body, and promote a state of emotional calm.

They remove harmful toxins from your body, help improve sleep, and may even elevate your immune system. Trained experts have created each spa treatment. A consultation about your specific needs will match your health and energy goals with an attractive treatment package. Carillon ensures that you receive maximum benefits following your treatment.

Carillon Spa and Beach Club

Carillon Spa and Beach Club

Located at a landmark address in Miami Beach, this luxurious building, renovated by renowned designer Peter Silling, boasts 70,000-square feet of innovative spa treatments and introduces visitors to creative culinary selections and signature flavors at The Strand Bar & Grill. This stunning resort also features ample space for weddings and private events, fully-equipped meeting spaces for corporate functions, and over 150 one- and two-bedroom suites.

Imagine a tranquil oasis, steps away from the Atlantic Ocean, with sweeping oceanfront views where you can soothe your woes with the calming color palette. Bask in the ambiance that welcomes you with warm, glowing light and natural stones and woods, and experience wellness refined with custom wellness membership packages that provide an exclusive wellness club experience that goes beyond what any gym can offer.

The Spa & Beach Club membership delivers fabulous perks that include holistic wellness, lifestyle experiences, detox retreat weekends, and exclusive spa treatments.

Carillon Spa and Beach Club

Carillon Spa and Beach Club

In addition to the state-of-art luxury membership perks, you’ll have access to Miami’s leading experts in functional medicine, guiding you on the path to a longer, fuller, healthier life with exclusive services including weight loss programs, detoxification, personalized training, and more.

Signature Membership
  • Full thermal experience
  • Access to the fitness center 
  • Atlantic Pool
  • Wellness lectures 
  • Compass (exercise physiology),
  • Spa as well as wellness discounts, 
  • Beach access, and more. 
Elite Membership affords you everything and more exclusive perks.
  • A3-Day Cleanse Program
  • Complimentary valet parking
  • Hotel room rate discounts
  • Priority reservations at Carillon outlets and more.

Enjoy an afternoon lounge poolside at the Sunrise Pool, find solitude in the Spa Thermal Sauna, relax with a facial, dine at The Strand dining room, take a whirl on the Pilates machines, and enjoy a variety of exclusive treatments, classes, and opportunities for rest and relaxation, available at every turn on this expansive property.

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort offers a world-class spa and wellness experience in an exquisite setting for connoisseurs of luxury. State-of-the-art accommodations and delectable culinary experiences. Carillon Miami Wellness Resort services will guide you to a blissful state of mind, one life-changing treatment at a time.

Experience a day in the life of a Spa & Beach Club Member. Call us for a complimentary tour + access pass 855-462-5165

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