I believe that the most important aspect of a child’s development is a full and balanced structure that includes elements that define the human experience and growth. The monumental mistake is to limit our focus of development on only a few of the presently popular subjects. The current popular philosophy directs importance to the material productive mind and the long term focus—effort and devotion to job education, test scores, a high paying job and material success.


At our academy we define 12 key elements that need to be developing synergistically with the mind. This is what we call “character development.” If you train the mind for corporate success and teach little about ethics, morality, responsibility and compassion, you can certainly understand a life and a future with great turmoil. It is truly up to us to educate ourselves and then transfer the wisdom to our children. 

Mind, body and spirit are true today as when Plato wrote about them thousands of years ago. What are we teaching our next generation? We also know that music and dance can be strongly linked to our spirit and most music and dance programs have also been cut by school systems.

I would like to present a few important aspects of our program for you to contemplate, and in so doing, hopefully assist you in selecting the proper well-rounded program for your child’s development.


Thirteen percent of our children ages 12-17 are on antidepressants. Suicide is the 10th cause of death in the US. If those numbers don’t motivate you to help your child, what will? In the Martial Arts, we have a great venue of victory, loss, pain and gain.


Most of the structure of our society creates a sense of instant gratification and fingertip stimuli. This is a weak foundation to prepare for life’s challenges. Exposure to a program that instills a strong work ethic and provides a reward system will help establish a well-rounded philosophy.


This art is disappearing as you read this article. Every pulse of society is pressuring unrealistic influences on the interaction between humans, nature and the world around us. You need to surround your child and yourself with positive input from people, the environment and messages. Stand guard outside your mind, and on your time.

I truly hope that these ideas help you guide your child in developing into a wise and happy individual.

by Robert Duzoglou

Coalition of Chambers of Miami Dade Past Chair

Key Biscayne Chamber of Commerce Past Chair

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