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Whenever I travel to educate stylists in other U.S. cities, or even when I speak with my salon clients, people always ask me for tips for hair care, especially when their hair is colored or highlighted. As I tell them, intensive treatments based on natural oils work best to nourish hair. Every time you go to your stylist ask him or her to apply a nourishing and moisturizing treatment no matter what type of service you are having.

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It is also necessary to use appropriate products at home to help you care for your hair daily, maintaining your color or highlights longer.

Prepare your hair for the color application at the salon. The day before, apply a moisturizing treatment and wash your hair that night. Never wash your hair the same day as the color or highlights will be applied.
After the stylist washes your hair, ask him to apply a deep nourishing treatment like Rocco Donna Professional Hair Beauty Dose, this powerful treatment will close the hair cuticle– helping it to retain moisture and preventing the color from fading away. The color will last longer.
To care for your color-treated hair, wash it every other day. Use a sulfate free moisturizing shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner to prevent oxidation. If you have a full head of highlights, of very light platinum color hair, I recommend washing your hair once per week with a purple shampoo to eliminate any signs of oxidation and brassiness.
Once a week, apply a treatment to moisture and give shine to your hair. You can use RDP Ultra Nourishing Mask and boost your treatment with RDP Radiance Hair Serum. Our unique compound Roccoil Xotic Oil Complex will boost your treatment to the max. Mix one Tablespoon of Radiance Hair Serum with ¼ cup of our Ultra Nourishing Mask, apply on clean and wet hair, put a plastic cap, and sleep it over. Next morning, rinse well and style as usual.
If you are retouching your roots at home, apply color only at the base, and leave it for 40 min. And if you want to refresh the rest of the hair, emulsify the color with water and shampoo and apply it, middle through the ends for another 5 min. Wash your hair well.
I recommend that you do the coloring every 3-4 weeks. Don’t let more time pass, as the color starts to fade and oxidize. So, for your hair to always look shiny, be sure to maintain it.

Follow my recommendations to have beautiful vibrant colored hair that looks healthy and shiny.

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