As parents, we always want the best for our children and try to make educated decisions regarding their rearing. This applies to all aspects of their lives, including in which dance school to enroll them. Ballet


When considering dance schools, first and foremost, parents should always check to see if the dance teacher has a degree. In dance education or something equivalent. While most dance teachers are very conscientious, there are some who ignore good basic techniques. And rush their young students to advance. This can damage bones, ligaments and joints, so it is something to be very careful about.


There are several dance techniques to consider when choosing a ballet method, each one having its unique attribute of form. And style. No technique of ballet is of original source, rather all surged out of others’ existence. Years afterward, the classical school of Russian Ballet began and inspired many styles. Russian’style ballet was a combination of French, Italian, and some Danish elements. The techniques found in classical ballet are the framework for many other styles of dance, including hip hop dance, modern. Ballet, and contemporary ballet.

Cuban dancers have a method of training that combines the best of Russian, French, and English techniques. There is no style of dance that one can say is exclusive, because one will always have to do with the other. This is why Cuban formed not only from one but from all influences. You can see the long and high jumps of the Russian school, with the clean steps and postures of the English, not forgetting the attention to detail of the American , all complimenting a fusion of precision.

When choosing a style of , there is no wrong or right answer. All styles possess their own unique beauty. The question really lies in the level of education and credentials of the professor who will be teaching your child to become a great dancer.

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