Like many people, Davide Castellano lived a stressful life. A bad diet, poor eating habits, and a less-than-ideal lifestyle led to the realization that in order to. Feel better, he had to do and be better. Understanding his obstacles wasn’t the end all be all. He understood that in order to foster change; he had to do his research and ensure that what he was doing would have a positive impact on him. And others. Davide


That newfound knowledge came in the form of a long career as a social educator. After fifteen years of providing services for countless children between the ages of two-months-old and twelve-years-old, he noticed a distinct. Pattern Those that had better diets did better. That sparked in him a desire to want to ensure that healthy foods were not only available to each and. Every child but were affordable for families.


Soon, he invited clients to join his healthy food revolution. His goal was to provide children with healthy, organic food made by professionals. The concept was easy enough, but it required client education. That education came in the form of reaching out to parents and inviting them to participate. Soon, the invitation extended to the community. Nutritionists came on board, followed by fitness professionals and beyond.


His simple idea transformed into what is now Freshealthy Miami, where delicious and nutritious meals are served at affordable prices. Davide Castellano, a self-proclaimed workaholic, has not only fostered change by focusing on children’s eating habits and diets, but also aims at expanding his idea and opening other installments of his revolutionary kitchen in other locations, thus spreading his life-changing ideas across lands. Castellano doesn’t come at this lightly.


Born in Italy and raised in Luxembourg, France, he acquired European and Anglo-Saxon values, disciplines, work ethic, professionalism, and top-tier organizational skills that were the precepts to what would become a revolutionary idea that could have a positive impact on the lives of countless children.


His lessons go beyond simply teaching people how to eat better. Freshealthy Miami also shows parents how to prepare healthy meals by holding cooking demonstrations and showing families how to work together in the kitchen. By giving the child an opportunity to partake in the process, parents foster a love for healthy eating. They’ll carry those simple lessons with them throughout their lives and will someday teach their children to do the same.

Through his unique restaurant, he has the opportunity to teach and educate the young and the old and showcase healthy eating in individual homes all throughout the community. For Castellano, his business means nothing if it cannot have a positive impact on the community at large. Davide


It is his belief that people today are addicted to sugar and carbohydrates, and are hence more likely to fall ill. He has made it his mission to circumvent the rising numbers of those suffering from preventable illnesses, teach them the difference between bad carbohydrates and good carbohydrates, and show them how to live a more healthy life by making better choices for themselves and those they care about.

Castellano states that his goal is to encourage people to start eating better one day at a time, with fresh and healthy ingredients cultivated locally. Families should feel like they are in charge of their kitchens. By eating healthy foods, they are taking a stand against bad choices and preventable ailments. By choosing healthier options, they are doing the absolute best for themselves, their children, and future generations.

Miami is only the beginning of what Castellano wants to accomplish. Soon, he hopes to expand his business and change lives across the globe, one healthy meal at a time. Davide

His lessons go beyond simply teaching people how to eat better

By Claudia Portillo

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