It’s that time of year again. People are stepping outside after a long Florida winter of sales and stuffing. The day has finally arrived. It’s D Day! “D” for detox, of course. Time for the newest detox that promises limitless happiness, indeed attained from losing those extra pounds and cleansing the body of all foods modern culture deems evil. so, should we, DETOX RETOX REPEAT… OR NOT?

You may think that this sarcasm is reflecting an anti-retox mentality, but my tension comes more from how detox is used rather than the detox itself. Let’s break this down. You party a little too hardy for the holidays or eat poorly because you are “too tired and busy.” Step 1: Go on a detox. Do Whole30, a juicing and bone broth fast, intermittent fasting, wholefood vegan, or other popular cleanse. Step 2: In 2-7 days, your energy improves, you lose weight. • You feel lighter. • The world is a better place. You carry out the cleanse for the remaining days and experience continued benefits. Step 3: The cleanse ends, and you quickly slide back into exactly what you were doing before the detox.

Step 4: One to three months go by, and you gain back all the weight plus some ( scientifically proven to happen with yo-yo dieting). You have sudden onset OCD (obsessive coffee drinking) and start feening for your next detoxgasm. Step 5: Repeat steps 1-4. Sound familiar? When we detox, which is almost always, it goes from being something therapeutic to being nothing more than a yo-yo crash diet with a side of milk thistle wrapped up in a booshie holistic spa package.

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