It was another great start to the day in my office, says Dr. Lewis Arrandt. Fine-tuning the nervous systems and relieving stress in my patients with spinal, extremity and cranial adjustments, counseling them about diet, nutrition and exercise…during a break in the schedule, I come out to the front desk area. There, I see my ordinarily cheerful, smiling, and energetic receptionist, Mimi, talking on the phone with someone. Her face changes to a look of worry and concern.

She was on the phone with her sister, Barbara, who was having a blinding, disabling migraine. Mimi was planning on picking up her sister and driving her to the hospital for a Demerol shot. They worked for Barbara in the past, and even though the shot put her into a “zombie state for a couple of days,” it would at least take away the horrible pain!

Over the years, I have learned that migraine sufferers would do almost anything to get rid of their headaches.

I instructed Mimi to get her sister and bring her to my office first. It was on the way to the hospital, so if what I was going to do didn’t work, she could still get her there for some medication.

So I meet Barbara, who is wearing sunglasses, and bring her into a darkened room where I evaluate her. Sure enough, I find that the joints in Barbara’s head have less movement than they should and that she is an excellent candidate for a specialized procedure called Cranial Facial Release. I have been certified in this technique and have been doing this type of “balloon-assisted cranial manipulation” since 1996. It’s probably been one of the best-kept secrets in Miami up until now!

So I explain the procedure to Barbara, who is excited to get started, and I have her lie down on her back on a treatment table. Within 2 minutes, I have already performed three separate “nasal inflations.” Within 10 minutes, she is laughing and telling me that not only was her headache disappearing but also that she was able to breathe so much better through her nose. She said that she couldn’t believe that she could feel so well, so fast, and without having to take any meds at all! We both laughed…

I have worked on hundreds of people suffering from migraines over the years with this technology, and the results are almost always the same, I am delighted to say!

We also get reports of exceptional results with people who have post-concussion syndrome, whiplash, chronic sinusitis, sleep apnea, conventional headaches, orthodontic stress and jaw dysfunction, to name a few conditions.

So what is Cranial Facial Release all about?

Your skull comprises 22 different bones with about 3x the number of joints between them. These joints have movement, and while it is small, the motion is critical for the nervous system’s proper function. Let me explain…

The Osteopathic and Chiropractic professions have extensively documented the cranial (skull) bones movement. This motion is coordinated with the sacrum’s motion – the bone just above your “tailbone.”

The bony movement is timed with the changes in tension (expansion and contraction) of the tissues which cover and surround the brain and spinal cord.

Dr. Lewis Arrandt

These tissues, known as the meninges, contain cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), which bathes and nourishes our brain and nervous system. When the “Cranial-Sacral” motion is operating well, then nutrients in the CSF are delivered to your brain, and wastes are picked up for removal. This acts as a “pumping” system in the body, which you may not have heard of before. This pump works from the moment you are born until the time you take your last breath, even though you may not be aware of it. It’s just like you’re not aware of the blood flowing through your arteries and veins every second of every day of your life.

Since the nervous system controls all of the other systems in your body virtually, altered movement of your skull and spine joints and irregular fluid motion around your brain can potentially affect any system in your body!

So what can cause the joints in your skull to lose proper motion?

Certainly, trauma is one cause…think of the times you’ve bumped your head, chewed hard on a bone or some candy, or fallen when you were learning how to walk/skate/ride a bike. Previous surgeries, car accidents, falls, spills, even dental work can put uneven forces into your head, which can cause the joints to get “stuck.”

Dr. Lewis Arrandt

Toxins can also harm skull joint movement. Think of medications you’ve taken, chemicals in the foods you eat, pollutants in the air and water we take in. These all in some way can cause nervous system stress and “jam” up your head joints.

Thoughts. For good or for bad, your thoughts can create your reality. Happy thoughts produce a different set of actions in your body/mind than negative thoughts. We’ve all had the experience of being in the company of “upbeat people” who make you feel better just by their presence. Also, there are “toxic people” who can drain you physically and mentally when you’re around them. You produce different hormones under stress, as opposed to when you’re happy, and this too can distort your body/head

How would you know if you might need Cranial Facial Release?

A good clue would be to examine your current symptoms or complaint. If you have had a history involving physical trauma (accidents), ingesting or breathing in pollutants in food, air, water, eating “junk” food, or have “stinkin’ thinking,’ ” you certainly might qualify for this work. If you have any of the conditions mentioned earlier, such as migraines, headaches. Concussion, chronic sinusitis, sleep apnea, etc. you might make an excellent candidate, as well.

Dr. Lewis Arrandt

Lastly, look at yourself in the mirror. If you see one eye higher/lower, one ear flared more than the other, one nostril more open than the other, a cheek wider/narrower than the other, have an uneven smile, these would all be clues that could indicate cranial stress, and that could mean that you have skull joint “fixations.”

So when we move the bones and joints of your skull, we can absolutely have an effect on pains in your head and other parts of your body. We can also see changes in other conditions that affect your physical and emotional health.Cranial Facial Release moves your skull more efficiently and more quickly than any other technology that I am aware of.

If you are reading this article, and you or anyone you know is still suffering with migraine headaches, post-concussion syndrome/head injury, or the inability to breathe deeply through the nose and you/they have been evaluated and treated by traditional medical approaches, which apparently have not worked well, please show them this article while you drive them to my office.

Some of you may know that migraines played a major role in changing the course of my life before I left Brooklyn, NY. You see, my father, may he rest in peace, suffered with migraines for 19 years. His situation was so bad that when he had a headache, he couldn’t lie down. If he did, he would vomit!

So on many mornings when I woke up and passed my parent’s bedroom. I would see my Dad with his elbow on a dresser table, with his hand cupped under his chin, sleeping standing up.
He had passed the night with a migraine, apparently the fiorinal medication he had taken, didn’t do the trick.
My dad discovered Chiropractic through a cousin of his who had lower back pain. The cousin was told that he needed surgery to fix his condition, but he chose not to follow that option. He found a Chiropractor and within several months of care, he found great relief. He asked the doctor if he thought he could help his cousin, my father, who had bad migraines. The doctor arranged to see my dad, and my dad also became a patient. The doctor worked on my dad’s spine, taught him about diet and nutrition, and put him on supplements also. My Dad’s headaches disappeared entirely in about 6 months after starting the process.

My Dad’s life had been transformed, the entire family situation was different, and I had set my career pursuits away from traditional medicine and towards Chiropractic. I was not alone, as it turns out.
Both my older brother, and my younger brother enrolled in school and also graduated as Doctors of Chiropractic years later.

My office is located in Kendall, in the same location for 37 years. Please call us at 305-279-0850, or email me. We will get you in quickly for an evaluation to see if this special technique might be what you need to change your health, and change your life.

If you mention that you heard about Cranial Facial Release in the Healthy Magazine, I will evaluate you for a discounted fee.

If you are not in the South Florida area, please go to and check the website for certified doctors who might be in your local area.

By Lewis j. Arrandt. DC.

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