Dr. Scott Bernstein, a podiatric sports medicine specialist at Kendall Sports Medicine in South Miami, has been practicing medicine for almost 20 years and has been with Kendall Sports Medicine nearly his entire career. Originally from New York, he took the opportunity to complete his residency in foot, ankle and leg trauma in Miami and Hollywood Florida. Bernstein



Sports medicine is the area of medicine that deals with the treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise. It also involves researching sports-related injuries to study causes and cures for the many injuries caused by physical movement. While with Kendall Sports Medicine, Dr. Bernstein has seen many advances in sports medicine through improved training, injury prevention and enhanced patient care. Interestingly, one of the new important developments in sports medicine is the recognition of the dangers of physical inactivity.

Dr. Bernstein joined Kendall Sports Medicine in 1998 with the intention of working with professional athletes, specifically baseball, football and basketball players. But they do not make up his entire clientele. Dr. Bernstein also works with non-professionals who have sustained injuries from sports, exercise and other physical activities.


It was as a youngster that Dr. Bernstein decided to be a doctor of podiatric sports medicine, a specific offshoot of the more general branch of sports medicine. As the name suggests, podiatric sports medicine focuses on the treatment and prevention of injuries caused by sports and exercise relating to the lower extremities. It was Dr. Bernstein’s personal involvement with all types of sports as a youth that sparked his interest in podiatric sports medicine.

Most athletes know that, when injured, ice is for pain and heat is for ache; however, the importance of proper and thorough sports medical care must not be underrated. “When injured, it’s very important to be seen by a sports medicine physician right away to determine immediate and future treatment to allow the patient to get back to their activities as fast as possible. Not being seen early can be detrimental to the patient’s well being and can delay them from getting back to their activities and sports,” says Dr. Bernstein.


Proper sports medical care can affect physical development and healing. If intervened correctly, future injuries can be prevented and the patient’s ability to play and participate in sports can be increased, which is one reason why the patient-doctor relationship is so important. Dr. Bernstein explains, “When there exists a good relationship, it’s easier for the patient to properly heal and enjoy future sports.”

The doctor’s advice: In order to stay healthy, it is very important to eat correctly and exercise regularly. Eating is 80% of keeping in good shape; with a good diet we can maintain our health. Exercise is 20%. If we injure ourselves during sports, it is very important to seek care with a sports medicine specialist so you can be guided in the right direction to get your life back on track to participating in your sport of choice.


Outside of the office, Marley, my wife, is not only Kendall Sports Medicine office manager but the backbone to our family. We have two beautiful children. Mitchell, 18, attends University Central Florida. He is majoring in graphic design. Lynzi, our daughter, is 16 and attends Cypress Bay High School. She aspires to be a physician one day. Besides spending priceless time with my family, I love going to the gym: cardio with speed bag and weight lifting are my favorites, although I love most gym-related activities.

Muhlenberg College 1988
BS & Temple University Podiatric Medicine 1992
Hollywood Medical Center, Hollywood, FL

by By Charlotte Libov

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