Every woman’s health journey is unique, and it’s not always easy to prioritize yourself. This summer is an opportunity for women and girls, especially during the outbreak of COVID-19, to make their health a priority. Elevating

At Care Resource, women’s healthcare includes basic gynecological care (provided by in-house primary care providers), voluntary family planning, health education, routine pap smears and follow-ups, breast cancer screening, and referrals for specialty care services. Regular and specialized obstetrical care is provided through referrals. Elevating

According to Sheryl Zayas, DO, Medical Director with Care Resource, “Women have unique health issues, including menses, pregnancy, and menopause, among others. Some health issues that affect both men and women can also present differently in women. For example, heart attacks more frequently present without chest pain. It is vital that women receive preventative care so underlying health conditions do not go unrecognized.

Behavioral health is another vital component of overall wellbeing that is often neglected or ignored. Women are more often the primary caregivers in families and can experience stress balancing their multiple roles as mother, employee. Friend, and more. Care Resource’s behavioral health specialists can ease the stress and provide specialized care that draws on a wide range of experiences, including client-centered supportive psychotherapy for addictions, cognitive behavioral counseling for depression, and assisted relaxation training and guided imagery for pain management and social anxiety. Make an appointment with Care Resource and find what works best for you


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Through education, research, care, treatment, and support services, Care Resource improves upon the health and overall quality of life of our diverse South Florida communities in need.

Regardless of your health needs, immigration status, religious beliefs, gender, age, if you are insured or uninsured, at Care Resource we care for all who need quality healthcare services.