It seems that these words are fashionable, referring to what we idealize or dream of as “expectation” and what we can actually obtain according to the life we ​​have today as “reality.” Have you heard the saying “It doesn’t cost anything to dream”? I imagine you have because it’s often what people say when they don’t believe that what we envision is possible. And do you know why it seems impossible to them? It’s because in their comfort zones they could never achieve something similar, so they don’t want others to achieve it.

Let me ask a question: What is your expectation of life? Now a follow-up, what is your current reality? Perhaps you will say that right now the one is totally opposite of the other because you dream big, but your reality tries to smother that dream. Unfortunately, we are often so blinded by what our eyes see that we forget that God gave us faith. It is this faith that we need to live. Living is not about surviving and thinking in the same ways as before. It’s not. That’s is not the purpose of life; it’s about growth and achieving goals.

Sure, you can let yourself be negatively affected by life and cry about it. You can spend your time lamenting what could have been. You can even continuously complain and let yourself die, or you can believe that while there is life there is hope and put to work that mustard seed of faith that is greater than any circumstance.

I’m known to say that a person who never makes a mistake is someone who never does anything, and believe me, the world is full of people who never do anything yet complain the loudest. I think that when you believe, expectation becomes reality and you can see how God moves, making the seemingly impossible possible. How often do we complain because we do not have resources? We stop and stagnate and complain about poverty. At that moment we are paralyzed and think, “I can never be someone.” But you know what? Poverty is not a shortage of resources but a lack of wisdom to use the little you do have in order to start and be ready for success.

I want to tell you something: God is willing to sponsor those who desire to start anew with faith. Do you want to be sponsored? You can throw in the towel or take advantage of every obstacle to strengthen yourself and know that barriers are not problems rather opportunities.

What promise did you make at the end of last year but have not been able to fulfill? Will you make that same promise at the end of this year? Will you be determined not to let today’s reality stop you and, instead, begin to move forward so you don’t remain in the same place?

I thank God that dreaming doesn’t cost anything. Dreaming is the beginning of knowing that life has meaning and that there is purpose in everything, purpose that you need to understand. And you need to know that life is a risk worth taking because today we are not the same as yesterday, and tomorrow we will not be the same as today.

Tomorrow, may your reality exceed your expectation because you believed and stayed.

By P. Elias Hoyos

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