Nestled in a shopping center, at the cross-roads of two of Miami’s busiest streets (US1 and Le Jeune, for the curious) sits an unassuming optical store by the name of The Eyeglass Place. At the heart of the project is a passion and dedication to craft that is unrivalled by the typical corporate franchise. In many ways, it could be called the fruition of a vision.

It began over 15 years ago when Lisa, a Board Certified Optician and founder of the store, decided to dedicate her life to the practice of Opticianry.

After a lot of hard work, she managed the optical department at the University of Miami Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, one of the nation’s leading eye hospitals. But while this position was prestigious, she felt a yearning to go out and create her own space. And so, The Eyeglass Place was born.

“Our collections are desirable and inspiring.”

Just by going through her selection, you can tell that Lisa’s sparkling personality can’t help but bleed into her work. It’s a collection that’s changing constantly, through it, she attempts to bring what she finds “different, unique from any part”. And in this quest she’s acquired a slew of styles, colors, and shapes to choose from. Through this meticulous and exploratory process, she has gained a reputation with customers who have a certain “joie de vivre”. These are people with a sense of style and a certain appreciation for quality and value. Lisa’s philosophy is that eyeglasses should be your best accessory, one that you need everyday. When my customers see themselves in our frames they immediately agree and appreciate the style and youthfulness they bring. Our collections are desirable and inspiring.

People shop here because there is an energy, a sense of joy and purpose that fills this small space. No one seems anxious to leave or be somewhere else. Its clear from the sense of ease, the friendly chit-chat and the impeccable service, that somehow this magic mix works.

And that matters for some people. In it’s own way that gives person satisfaction about what they are buying. Or, even better, it may encourage them to take an extra-step out of their comfort zones. At the end of the day, that’s all Lisa wants you to do.

By Andres Portillo

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