“Telling you a secret here, so lean in close: There are over ten-thousand toxic ingredients in beauty products. With our skin being the largest detox organ in our bodies, it is imperative to purchase wisely. Look for Green Skincare. ”

Green Skincare?

Whether we’re chatting Kate Winslet in her 2007 Oscars mint green gown or leading an environmentally conscious life, GREEN looks good on everyone! Some people automatically perk up when they see the word natural, but really, what is natural? Au natural may refer to the way some people prance around these beaches (Here’s looking at you, Miami!), but in my world, it refers to the kinds of products applied to my skin. Having a flawless complexion portrays so much more than “Hi, I own a reliable cleanser.” It means you’re conscious about your daily routine…meals, water intake, products you own and general lifestyle. Go you!

Here’s a secret for you, so lean in close: There are over ten thousand toxic ingredients in beauty products. This includes your beloved facial moisturizers and skin creams. With our skin being the largest detox organ in our bodies, it is imperative to purchase wisely. When it comes to beauty, think safety. Like our food choices, if you’re struggling to pronounce 90% of the ingredients on the bottle (Make that bottle a glass one!), your skin will also struggle digesting it.

green products
green products

The main ingredients to avoid putting on your skin are sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens and artificial fragrances. Organic green skincare products are meant to nourish naturally. Simple changes, like adding a skin oil to your regimen, could surprise you with endless benefits! Oils and face masks are crowd pleasers when it comes to natural beauty. Many consumers with sensitive or oily skin have been told for years to avoid using these products so as not to irritate their complexion. However, many natural oils actually promise to soothe the skin, producing a velvet-soft appearance unlike any result a regular-Joe product could allow. Face masks are also received well by green converts because of the way they feel in a mask—it’s a treat! Additionally, there’s no denying the delish factor with something that smells yummy and is good for you.

Our epidermis acts exactly like a sponge.

While there may be some chemicals that are too large to enter our bloodstream, most are small enough to penetrate. Birth control medication and nicotine patches wouldn’t exist if this weren’t the case. The average woman applies two hundred chemicals through cosmetics and skincare products alone during the course of the day. The scary part? Our bodies really have no way of ridding themselves of these toxins without enhanced detoxing. So basically, since we’re all on-land SpongeBobs, many of the chemicals we invite into our bodies can lead to present and future complications.

Changing out every product from your cabinet for a better option will drain your energy and bank account. But the more aware you are, the better. It’s a process! And hello, news flash! Inner and outer beauty got married. Even if you missed the wedding, you’re invited to the after-party. So, in true Miami style, arrive glowing from head to toe rocking something green. After all, green matches a red carpet quite well.

By Liz Newman

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