See, Earth is the new healthy eatery that just opened in South Miami. We are new to the neighborhood but hope to become an essential part of it by providing tasty, natural meals to the South Miami community.

The idea behind the concept was birthed after realizing how genuinely lacking we are in Miami of places where we could eat organic and fresh food fast without spending a fortune in high-end restaurants. Being Italian and having grown up in France, I have always been around cooking, and everything was still homemade in our house. I learned some key recipes at a very young age thanks to my Italian grandmothers, such as our delicious pesto and tomato sauce, and how to pair different ingredients to complement flavors. Good food, natural ingredients, and variety are crucial to a healthy diet.

Earth is Now open!

Thanks to my background and knowledge of nutrition and the excellent skills and motivation of our Executive Chef, Orlando Martinez, Earth was able to open its doors on September 8th finally. We have been in full development ever since, adding new special dressings, juices, soups, and satisfying the taste buds of many local employees, students, and families.

We indeed created it to allow anyone to find a suitable meal option in our menu, which is why our motto is “Real Food for Every Body, Every Diet, Every Mood.” Thanks to the “Create your Own” concept, I can target the largest audience possible. With the number of food allergies increasing, the different types of diets, or only preferences of taste, I felt that the need to give my clients the freedom of choice was essential to the process. That way, each meal can be unique and completely satisfy each of our customers’ needs and wants. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free, or follow a traditional diet, Earth has many options to choose from!

Some of our best sellers include the Energy Bowl, the Southern Bowl, the Red Soup, the Penne with Pesto sauce or Carbonara, and our Sugar Boost and Detox juices. We offer many promotions and discounts and have recently launched a new Rewards Program.

Make sure to stop by or request a delivery to try some of our delicious dishes!

“I realized how truly lacking we are in Miami of places where we could eat organic and fresh food fast, without spending a fortune in high-end restaurants.”

By Valentina Colman


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