Awakening your divine spirit is a rewarding way to attain optimal physical health and to find peace of mind. Our body’s chakras are like spirOur body’s chakras are like spirals of energy, each connecting to the other. A color represents each from the color spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, or purple. That color profoundly affects us on all levels whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Our body consists of energy points that emulate spiritual frequencies. These energy points are our chakras. Each point is reflected by your vibration, ultimately, the way you live your life.

Using the seven colors of the spectrum, you can balance and enhance your spiritual connection. These colors are known to have a healing effect on one’s spirit and physical body when used correctly.


Below are their representations and what they mean to your well-being:

  • Red – root which represents grounding
  • Orange (Sacrum) – represents sexuality and sensuality
  • Yellow (Solar Plexus) – will power and confidence
  • Green (Heart) – represents love for yourself and others
  • Blue (Throat) – accounts for the truth and creativity
  • Indigo (Third Eye) – represents wisdom and spiritual awakening, intuition
  • Purple (Crown) – represents your God. It is your connection between you and the Divine.

If your energy centers become blocked, your body cannot function properly, leading to problems like stress to disease.

If you experience fear or anger, your heart chakra is blocked. It can lead to heart problems as a physical manifestation. It may leave you carrying a cold, broken heart. Conversely, if you’re in love, your heart chakra is heightened. You will attract love. The physical and spiritual realm go hand in hand. Your physical and divine self are in balance.

The most important aspect of chakra cleansing is your space.

Cleanliness in your area can bring you mental clarity. It allows room to release the negative and stressful energies that linger around you. It promotes much-needed alone time and invites you to welcome stillness and awareness of self. Do this for seven consecutive days to clear each chakra point, while focusing one point per day to help clear your body of negativity. Wear that day’s color as a visual clue of what point to focus on.

  • 1st Day – Red – Be more aware of who you are. Are you harboring negative feelings? Reflect on those issues. Allow your body and mind to release those energies.
  • 2nd Day- Orange – Typically, the most challenge chakra, this forces you to resist your false desires. Manifest your desires of good for you and the world around you.
  • 3rd Day – Yellow – Be aware of your divine self. Recognize societal judgments and banish them from your life. Build your confidence and embrace your power, while remaining humble.
  • 4th Day – Green – Focus on self-love.
  • 5th Day – Blue – Let your voice be heard.
  • 6th Day – Indigo – Open your mind to knowledge.
  • 7th Day – Purple – Trust your intuition. Embrace your true self.

Close these daily steps with 5 – 10-minute meditations and reflection to living a life free from blockage and disease.

By Fabienne Claude

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