Are you missing the health benefits of sleep? No longer! We’re here to help you find them and get the most out of them.

You know that good sleep helps you make it through the day, but its benefits go beyond preventing the need for an after-lunch nap at work. It can help boost your mood and have lasting benefits on your heart health, weight, mind, and even your cells. It’s the wonder drug, minus the drug.

For as long as we can remember, we’ve been told to work, work, work. No rest for the weary. Many of us learned that we had to work hard to get ahead, and while that’s true to some extent, it takes its toll, which can hinder momentum. Medical researchers have studied the benefits of sleep and what they’ve discovered may amaze you.

Sleep can

  • Help improve your memory. You wouldn’t believe how much your mind accomplishes while you’re catching up on your zzz’s. During sleep, your mind goes through the process of consolidation, working out skills that we learned while we were awake. Studies have shown that if you want to learn something, study it right before bed because while you’re asleep, your mind will process the information to help lock it in.
  • If you suffer from lack of sleep, we already know that it’s associated with a shorter lifespan. If you sleep too much, that too can shorten it. But if you sleep the right amount of time—the recommended hours of sleep—you could actually prolong your time on Earth.
  • Getting proper rest can also reduce inflammation in your body. Inflammation is directly linked to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, premature aging, and arthritis. People who get six or fewer hours of sleep on a daily basis have been shown to have higher levels of inflammatory blood proteins in their bodies.
  • Did you know that sleep can spark creativity? Sleep consolidates memories and can make them stronger. Your brain reorganizes and restructures memories, leading to greater creativity.
  • It can also increase your stamina and improve your game. Good sleep = better sports performance.

Getting enough sleep can also . . .

  • improve academic performance
  • prevent overindulgence of sweets or fattening foods
  • lower stress levels and erase irritability
  • increase alertness and lessen the probability of having accidents on the road.

By Sarah Wester

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