It’s that time of year when around every corner is a bag of candy, a delicious

homemade dessert, and more pumpkin spice items than one can handle.

All that before the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s feasts we all

look forward to. With so much sweet temptation, how are we to stick to our

diets? Is there a way to prevent ourselves from overindulging in all the sweet

goodness just begging us to dig in to? … Chocolate

The answer is we look for yummy and healthy alternatives. In that order.

Just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean it can’t taste good too. There are plenty

of great options you can make in your kitchen.

With the help of a baker, we’ve come up with great tasting alternatives to satisfy your sweet tooth without destroying your diet. Everything from bars to cakes to candies can be adapted to use better-for-you ingredients. You’re probably wondering what these magic ingredients are. For starters, they’re easily accessible. You can find them at any grocery store and any big box store in your neighborhood. Have you ever tried quinoa? How about coconut oil? They’re both good for you. Here are a few delicious recipes to add to your recipe book:

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