With the holidays upon us, we are beginning to realize that time is not on our side. We try to prepare for the food-laden holidays, buying all the baking goods, purchasing gifts, and trying to keep some semblance of normalcy in our lives. With times so hectic, all too often we turn to convenience foods, so we’ll have enough time to fit in all the tasks and errands we want to accomplish.

That’s where trouble sets in. We forget about exercise because our to-do lists are hanging over our heads. We nibble on snacks as we’re baking the cookies or preparing a yule log for the company holiday party. We’re busy people, but all that fuss takes a toll on our fitness.

Here are a few tips that are quick and easy to get you through the harried holiday season: – Portion control is your friend. It’s okay to have a cookie but avoid eating the entire tray of cookies. Carry or serve healthier alternatives. – Drink plenty of water. You may not realize it, but those hunger pangs you think you feel may actually be a signal that you’re dehydrated. Choose water first. If your tummy is still growling after that, have a light snack. Don’t overindulge.

Keep moving. It may feel like you’re constantly on the move, but
you may be surprised to see you haven’t moved as much as you think you
have. Use a fitness tracker to help keep track of your steps or calories

Set a goal and stick to it. You’ll have more energy to get the
things done that you need to do.Add exercise and sleep to your to-do list. You’ll need both to keep
you feeling alert and energized, make both a priority. FIT AMIDST

Say yes to your favorite carb-heavy meal or dessert, just don’t make
it a habit. One night to indulge is all you need and commit to not
doing it again for another seven days.

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