Everyone loves summer. The sun, warmth, reverie, family events just speak to our human emotion. They give off sunshine on the cloudiest day. So it only makes sense that someone would want to capture that spirit and keep it going all year long. According to the calendar, the summer months are coming to an end, but they don’t have to. There’s a budget-friendly solution to keep that sunshine no matter what month it is and no matter where you live. Looks


We’ve got great solutions and tips to help you keep that fun vibe going for months to come. The end of August is the perfect time to spruce up your drab décor and prepare for a fun-filled adventure right in your own home. You can get great deals to refresh, rejuvenate, and spice up your home. It’s an excellent time to bring some of the outdoors in.

Here are a few quick and easy tips to get you started:

 Give your home a good, old-fashioned spring cleaning to spruce it up and get you motivated to move on to the next phase. Looks


Touch up blemishes with a fresh coat of paint. Patch holes, Spackle a section. Every little bit helps to give your home a facelift. To keep it on the summer color wheel, choose bright, uplifting colors to warm your space up.

How about adding a pop of color to an accent wall or adding bright color in the form of pillows, shams, curtains. And don’t forget the ceiling! Paint the ceiling a bright, summer-like color.Plants. For the love of all that is summer, add some greenery and vibrant flowers to your indoor décor. Trust us, adding cacti, a palm tree, or any of your favorite plants will add fun and life to any room.

Another way to add nature to your home is the abundance of fruit that’s available this time of year. Set up a few fruit bowls where people gather in your home. Fill it with your favorite citrus fruits, delicious berries, and any of your favorite fruits. Don’t forget to eat them too. They’re so good for you.

 What better way to make a quick change than rearranging the furniture. Why not create a welcoming environment by creating several seating areas for guests to gather? Moving one large piece of furniture could really open a space up and create a whole new vibe. Try it for yourself!

Grab some of the great end-of-summer deals and get creative with them.

Don’t forget the plethora of citrus candles that are available this time of year. While you’re at it, pick up a few floral-scented, fruit-scented, and cool summer breeze scent candles to create a summertime ambiance. Looks

Colorful pillows, blankets, beach towels, and hammocks add the final summertime pop. Have at it, and let’s make every day feel like summer.

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