Most probably you have experienced one of those days when everyone compliments you on how radiant you look? How about the opposite, when people are asking if you are feeling ill? Chances are that you were wearing a flattering color in the first case and the very wrong color in the second. The right color can do wonders for one’s appearance, brightening eyes and evening skin tone, for example. On the other hand, wearing an inappropriate color tends to cast dark shadows across the face, emphasizing lines that show age, and dulling the complexion, leading to more fussing and mussing with makeup, accessories and hair to look great. Know how important is to choose your colors.

The shades that suit you the best depend on your skin tone as well as the color of your hair and eyes. Specific attention needs to be given to the colors worn around your face. So the question is, of course, how to choose your best colors. People with pale skin and dark hair with a high contrasting eye color should look great with saturated brights such as royal blue, emerald green and violet.

Men and women with medium brown to dark blond hair and warmer skin tones (caramel, pinkish, reddish, goldish) often do better with warmer alternatives such as coral, turquoise, olive green and tangerine.  Of course, someone with jet black hair and pale skin looks good in olive, but to stand out in a crowd, emerald green does the trick.

The first aspect to clarify is if your complexion is more warm or cool. To do this, you need to experiment with contrasting colors, meaning fuchsia against pumpkin, gold against silver, mustard against lemon green.

Chances are that you were wearing a flattering color in the first case and the very wrong color in the second.


Overall appearance is likely to be pale and delicate, with naturally light hair, and pale, beige or porcelain skin tone. Navies and greys should be as light as possible, as pastels are incredible for this skin tone. Avoid black and replace with taupe or pewter. Harmony is best achieved by wearing light colors, but if darker shades are worn, it’s important to add light contrasting colors close to the face.


Medium to dark skin tone with dark hair and eye color. This type can wear only dark colors, for example burgundy with dark navy, but adding contrast is very helpful. It’s best to avoid pastels close to the face, and the same advice works with makeup. Once you know if your are warm or cool type, you can choose between fuchsia and plum or orange and coral. Reds are amazing. Try to don’t wear two light colors together, but if you want to wear monochromatic, add accessories to bring more live to your outfit.


Your overall appearance is soft and muted. You don’t have strong contrast between your skin tone, hair and eyes color, you may had blond hair before or deep dark, but it turns dark blond or you are wearing lighter shades with highlights. Avoid to wear light or dark colors on their own head to toe. Wear accessories that tone with your outfit rather than contrast. Lift the darker shades with colors two tones lighter.

Choose your best 2 dark  one medium and two light neutrals, and choose your 4 stars color that coordinate with them for each season. Here is when you can get some of the seasonal colors.

The goal is to achieve harmony and balance between your physical look and the colors you wear. The best way to discover which work best for you is to experiment with a multitude of colors, shades and hues, always examining yourself with daylight against a white background.

Being brave with colors and can be totally liberating. You should never being afraid of color, but there are ways to overdo. Choose your colors with confidence, knowing the three colors rule is a good advice to stick.

By Diana Diaz

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