When being introduced as an Artist-Life Mentor, immediate questions arise—what is an Artist-Life Mentor and why would an artist need one as opposed to simply having a talent coach? Well, if you are a performing artist, you understand that even with an immense amount of talent, sometimes psychological blocks and barriers show up as major challenges that hold you back from your true potential, which ultimately creates a portal of missed opportunities in your career. This is precisely why Performing Artist Mastermind was formed!

Your Artist-Life Mentor within Performing Artist Mastermind is different from an instructor/teacher. This mentor is here to guide you through self-development with individualized guidance. Subsequently, your artistry is transformed to new depths and the direction you wish to achieve in your career becomes clear and fulfilling. With the one-to-one support and advice from your mentor, you begin to embody your goals and take full control of the steps in your artistic journey.

Performing Artist Mastermind Mentorship Program will assist in the following:

Creating mental stability and safety in your choice to pursue the arts

Clearing fear of pursuing the arts and releasing limiting beliefs to ultimately feel empowered in your pursuit

Opening emotional blocks and emotional stagnation when creating
and/or performing

Developing personal expansion in the performing arts to stimulate connection to your realm of emotions enabling you to feel instincts and shed unneeded layers in performances

Radiating your power and personal identity as an artist

Asserting yourself in the world of the arts through your expression of will, personal power, self-assurance, and confidence.

Vitalizing compassion towards your talent and art form

Truly loving the version of yourself in your art form by letting go and releasing any trauma surrounding your talent

Realizing your purpose by unlocking the power of communication through your art form

Projecting authentic thoughts, ideas, and blueprints into reality

Recognizing where inspired creation comes from

Awakening inner-perception that will illuminate creativity and connect you to the insight of your imagination

Immersing in wisdom and blissful union of being an artist

Transcending with utmost clarity in life as an artist

The key component here is to receive the tools to unleash all the potential within you that is needed to take on this journey as a performing artist.


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