An Innovative New Treatment Combats Cardiovascular Disease on a Cellular Level

When it comes to cardiovascular health, conventional wisdom has long pointed to a catalog of lifestyle modifications and practices to. Protect against the onslaught of potentially life threatening conditions such as coronary artery disease and hypertension. Doctors advise us, and with good reason, to exercise regularly, maintain a balanced diet and avoid excessive alcohol consumption and. Smoking. Certainly, the data alone provide a compelling argument for staying the preventative course when it comes to a healthy heart. As cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and worldwide, affecting men and women equally. As they age. The increase in risk and its corresponding relationship with age are important because they highlight a critical truth about the. Prevention of cardiovascular disease: as we age, a healthy lifestyle alone may not be enough to protect us. Plaquex

Plaquex and EDTA chelation are complementary therapies intended to optimize the function of the circulatory system and facilitate the flow. Of blood throughout the body. It’s helpful to keep this comparison in mind when considering the manner in which aging contributes to the deterioration of. The body’s superhighway. Like a well-traveled road, veins and arteries become damaged and weakened over time. The accumulation of plaque can further damage the arteries and restrict blood flow, which can lead to serious, and sometimes. Fatal, cardiac events.

Plaquex is a remarkable new treatment for repair and restoration of overtaxed and compromised areas within the circulatory system.

Dr. Steven Schnur and Dr. Perry Krichmar, board certified cardiologists and founders of EliteHealth in Miami Beach, recently added Plaquex to their roster of recommended treatments for patients of their busy South Florida practice. As cardiologists with decades of combined experience in the healthcare industry, both physicians recognize the great potential Plaquex and EDTA chelation pose for patients at risk of cardiovascular disorders.

When used in combination with Plaquex, this overall therapeutic regime has the potential to reverse serious cardiovascular damage in a process that is safe and noninvasive. Dr. Jaclyn Tolentino, director of EliteHealth’s Vitality Center and an IV therapy specialist, recommends this type of therapy for anyone who “wants to reverse cardiovascular damage to sensitive arteries, as well patients who want to rid their bodies of harmful toxins that contribute to plaque and cholesterol build up.” Both Plaquex and EDTA chelation are administered intravenously over the course of multiple sessions overseen by physicians like Dr. Tolentino at EliteHealth’s accommodating Miami Beach facility.

When combined with all-important lifestyle modifications and choices, Plaquex and EDTA chelation therapy can easily and effectively reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and serious cardiac complications. For individuals who may need assistance narrowing in on the optimal diet and exercise regime to reduce their risks, EliteHealth’s FitForever program offers a wealth of personal wellness resources including access to highly skilled fitness and nutrition experts. For more information about Plaquex and EDTA chelation therapy, as well as any of EliteHealth’s IV micronutrient therapy programs and Elite FitForever

By Dr. Joclyn Tolentino

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