Garcinia cambogia is widely used in weight loss supplements. Manufacturers claim that this plant from Indonesia can help with faster weight loss; however, researchers seem not to agree with marketers, as studies have showed the plant isn’t able to trigger significant weight. Loss.

Whenever a new weight loss product launched on the market is mentioned by a celebrity, its popularity peaks overnight. This is pretty much what has happened with garcinia cambogia supplements.

But what does science have to say about garcinia cambogia? Is this supplement really revolutionary and able to provide the miraculous weight loss and health effects mentioned in the bold. Headlines used for marketing campaigns?


People in Sri Lanka use it for seasoning fish dishes and in South India people use this plant as a natural medicine, thanks to its antibacterial properties.


In fact, the fat loss of those who took the placebo was greater, which means that the plant had absolutely no effect in terms of weight reduction.

Still, the GC supplements available on the market incorporate other ingredients as well, so there is still one small chance. For the combination of those ingredients to actually support weight loss., an independent company that tests the safety and quality of health products, examined 11 different garcinia cambogia supplements with. Results showing that six of the supplements contained lower amounts of HCA than marketed and one of those supplements only. Provided 16% of the HCA concentration stated on the label.

Yet there is one study showing that daily administration of HCA for 12 weeks can cause significant weight loss in overweight people. After the test period, women taking the acid lost 55% more weight than those in the control group.

So what do we know for certain? We know that the GC supplements available on the market are often poorly qualitative and many of them provide very low amounts of HCA, so they are quite unlikely to trigger the claimed health effects.

By Andreea Macoveiciuc

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