One doctor’s vision is changing the landscape for many in South Florida and beyond. Refractive


Everyone aspires to follow their dreams, but for Jennifer Loh, MD, her dream brought about bigger visions that have positively.Iimpacted her patients’ lives. Growing up, she witnessed her physician father’s dedication to medicine. The idea of using science and technology to help improve others’ lives prompted her to want to pursue the same. Endeavors.


After completing her Bachelors of Science in Chemistry at Butler University, Jennifer went on to earn a medical degree and. Complete her residency in Ophthalmology at Indiana University. Once her training was done, she moved on to South Florida to practice and eventually open her own clinic.


Her interest in ophthalmology began in medical school after witnessing the happiness a patient received after having cataract surgery performed. By one of her professors.  Seeing firsthand the impact one could have on countless lives – improving them for the better – was the impetus for what. Would be a steadfast commitment to acquiring in-depth knowledge about eye ailments such as cataracts, and refractive errors like near sightedness. Far sightedness, and astigmatism, so that she could treat them.

Her quest for knowledge and desire to deepen her skills has allowed her the opportunities to attend conferences, lead lectures. And to travel in and outside of the United States to treat patients from all walks of life. Soon, professional organizations and committees began to take notice.


Her experiences have compounded as medical technology has advanced. Now, with the aid of advanced technologies, including specialized implants and lasers, medical practitioners can perform refractive cataract surgery, which. Allows them to customize surgeries for their patients’ individual needs. For Dr. Loh, the opportunity to give patients the ability to see well while driving and reading without glasses is only one. Of the most satisfying aspects of her work. Recently, she was fortunate enough to travel to India and help perform life-altering surgeries there.


For her, some of the most enjoyable parts of the job are the countless opportunities to learn from her. Peers and to help teach others as others have helped her. This allows all involved to remain at the forefront of all the amazing and innovative technologies and procedures in the. Field of ophthalmology. Through her work, she’s learned that while patients have access to corrective surgeries as a norm, millions of people living in.


Remote areas in many other countries do not have access to these amenities. She believes that by helping to train others and to visiting places outside of her current home base, lives can be changed one person at a time, and hopefully, become the new norm in these often impoverished or underserved areas of the globe.

Currently, Dr. Loh makes her home in South Florida. Her office is conveniently located in the Coral Gables/South Miami area in the heart of a bustling shopping district. The lovely people manning this state of the art facility are always eager to provide much-needed care for their patients. Not only can she provide routine eye care for adults of all ages, but she can also screen for sight-threatening conditions, treat cataracts, perform refractive surgeries, and help maximize the benefit of one of our greatest gifts in life – sight.

Dr. Loh would go on to receive awards and accolades in her field including the Refractive Surgery Alliance President’s Award for her work with the organization in helping to grow refractive surgery worldwide.

She also received the Alcon Outstanding Female Leader in Ophthalmology, which promotes women’s success in the formerly male-dominated surgical specialty field.

For Dr. Loh, the opportunity to give patients the ability to see well while driving and reading without glasses is only one of the most satisfying aspects of her work.

By Ava Mallory

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