Laurence Marmet’s who became Margaux illustrious career as a singer “Olympia” and “Casino de Paris” and many famous theater stages all around Europe, Asia, and Russia. She has sold nearly 2 million albums as a singer. As an artist, you’re an aspiration. Image is essential— so much so that she couldn’t gain a single ounce. See Margaux had an “hour-glass figure” which allowed her to “wear fantastic outfits lent by leading French and International designers for her concerts and TV appearances”. Gaining weight meant risking her career. So her daily diet consisted of fruits and vegetables, that’all!. That meant no rich French sauces, no chocolate, nothing fun.

When Laurence Marmet decided to retire from her singing career, she gained pounds because as her situation changed, so did her habits. She took a 180-degree turn from a culinary perspective. In other words, she ate what she wanted, and while it may have been a delicious detour in life, she ended up gaining 74 pounds in 10 years. “It was an extremely difficult time for me, both emotionally and physically—I no longer recognized myself and felt like I wasn’t the same person anymore. I suffered terribly from other people’s looks and comments,” Laurence Marmet recalls. That’s why she decided to try a different diet: she lost YES! but she gain again!

So, Laurence Marmet began her journey which led her to Chrono and Morpho Nutrition. Through the program, which she began in 2014, she lost 66 pounds in eight months, and more important, she found her life’s second calling.

After losing 66 pounds, she decided to become a nutritionist focusing on her Chrono and Morpho Nutrition program.

Since then, Laurence Marmet has helped nearly 5000 people lose weight through her four nutrition centers in France. This year, she decided to take her next step by establishing a branch in Miami called Enjoy My Diet. This is an entirely new challenge for Marmet, as American food culture is radically different from France’s. But this is what moves her. She realizes that American food isn’t healthy; a lot of it isn’t natural or organic. But she thinks Americans are willing to change. She tells her customers that “they have to cook and forget Uber Eats because cooking can be easy and doesn’t require a lot of time.” She wants to teach people that they can take pleasure from what they eat as long as they do so at the right time of day. So what is Chrono and Morpho Nutrition? Let us explain.

Personalized diet coaching and weight loss without deprivation!

The Nuts and Bolts of Chrono and Morpho Nutrition “Chrono” means time, signifying that one needs to eat the right category of food four times per day in order to satisfy the four principal organs (pancreas, gallbladder, liver, and kidney). When you do this, you ask your organs to work when they’re at 100% during the morning, midday, afternoon and evening. There isn’t a specific regimen, so you can organize your journey to fit your schedule. The best part is that you can eat with pleasure while immediately losing the excess fat. Cook what you want, eat what you like, but at the right time of the day!

While “morpho” means shape, Laurence Marmet starts by taking all of the measurements of her client and then prepares a personalized diet plan based on the client’s own morphology to calculate the right portions of everything that can be eaten, at the right time of day of course. She also explains during the session what foods travel to which sections of the body. Although portions should be weighed regularly, Laurence Marmet asserts that after one or two months, people usually get skilled at eyeing out their portions and stop weighing them!

Our program is very easy to follow and you lose weight safely!

But that’s because Laurence Marmet’s program is not a diet in the traditional sense. As long as you follow the system, you can go out to dinner or have friends over without sacrificing or letting everyone know you’re on a program. It can be followed by men, women, and children, even if they have dietary issues such as high cholesterol or diabetes. And it can be done without a strict workout plan or dietary supplements. No more chemical products to buy, no more protein powder to prepare, no more points to count…

Lose weight and keep it off permanently with Chrono and Morpho Nutrition!

Chrono and Morpho Nutrition changed Laurence Marmet’s quality of life in unimaginable ways. Today, she wants to share this revolutionary French program with the South Florida community, and eventually the world. Currently, she’s in the middle of writing a few books: How to Do a Right Detox, Drain: What Is Water Retention?, How to Cook with Chrono One, and finally a biography of her life that includes her artistic career.

Laurence Marmet – Enjoy My Diet

Laurence Marmet wants you to know

“The most important your readers need to know is « EAT HAPPY AND SLIM EASY ». I’m a woman who has been slim, became fat, and now feels better in my own body. I know how it is difficult to lose weight but I’m here to help them.”

Losing weight is a personal process and perhaps a long way to go!
Losing weight shouldn’t be a competition!

With my program, you can eat everything: from cheese to chocolate, and you can cook as you want!

The program will help you build your own confidence, you will feel better in how you look and how you feel.
Whether you just have a few kilos or pounds to lose, the program is the same because I have only one goal in mind: make you lose weight and keep it off! 

I insist on the word eat because, in Chrono and Morpho Nutrition, that is the key to success!

  By Andres Portillo

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