This time of year brings endless reasons to celebrate! It’s the perfect chance to connect with loved ones and enjoy family. Capturing these memorable moments will have you wanting to look and feel your absolute best. Follow the lead of Healthy Magazine’s seasonal tips to look and feel amazing this holiday season.

1.The first step to looking amazing is to set an intention. Visualizing what you want to wear and making a list of outfits will help you reach your fashion goals. So, make a list! It will also help keep you organized, shape your look and cut time while getting ready. Rachel Zoe, celebrity fashion stylist, reminds us that “Success in styling is in the details.” Small elements and flawless accessories always help to pull together an outfit.

It’s important to be mindful of which pieces you may be missing to complete your outfits and which pieces need to be mended or altered. Many times, your adored little black dress would look best with a few inches taken in by a local seamstress.

2. Your fashion list is your new friend. Whenever you go shopping, be sure to keep it close-by. Without guidance, it’s similar to visiting the supermarket hungry or without a grocery list. Often you wind up buying what you don’t need and forgetting the things you intended to purchase.

3. Be prepared. Are you jetting to work and then to a post-office party? Lay out your possible outfits ahead of time and when the holiday season approaches, have a fab fashion show with a friend to help pre-choose your best options.

4. Always carry around a glam toolbox to help with the emergencies. Having a kit filled with mobile must-haves, such as spare aspirin, a nail file and few tissues helps you stay as gorgeous as you look when you leave the house. Remember: the cooler and calmer you appear, the better you look. Kick the stress, practice great posture and remember to smile and sparkle this holiday season!

Seasonal Must Haves!

  • Classic black dress
  • Nude or black pumps
  • Gold and silver accessories
  • The perfect red lipstick
  • Black tights or stockings
  • All-season wrap
  • -Black or metallic clutch: for your glam toolbox, of course!

Don’t Forget!

  • Eyelash glue
  • Safety pins
  • Stain remover
  • Band-Aids
  • Small scissors
  • Need and thread

Always Remember!

  • Practice your best pose
  • Quality matters, so choose the pieces in your wardrobe that will last
  • Hair care and nail maintenance
  • Confidence is key

By Diana Diaz
Image Consultant

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