Rinaldi Performance Health & Fitness Studio and GYROTONIC® Coconut Grove is a place for everyone. Our priority is to help our clients reach their goals whether they be to lose weight, prepare for a race or competition, improve weight lifting techniques, or come back from an injury. No matter where you are in your health and fitness journey, we are determined to help you. We do not view setbacks or roadblocks as negative rather as opportunities for positive change and new possibilities.

Rinaldi Performance and GYROTONIC® Coconut Grove offer, not only in South Florida but worldwide, an opportunity to exercise a different way through the use of our in-house or satellite program. Imagine a training session during which you felt challenged muscularly and stimulated within but did not feel the usual pain, stress, or tension from weight-loading that a regular gym session would produce.

You leave GYROTONIC® sessions feeling more alive, awake, and connected to your body than when you started. It’s magical and foreign to most people. The beauty in what we offer at GYROTONIC® Coconut Grove is for your body to experience a healing training session using all of our specialized equipment meant to improve range of motion, lubricate and stabilize joints, strengthen surrounding connective tendons and ligaments, and relieve pain. It gives back to your body its ability to move freely while reducing compressive pain and tension. GYROTONIC® is one of the only exercise techniques that you noticeably improve while performing it.

Back Pain & Joint Pain

RP & GCG specialize in training that will tackle your problem areas. I personally have had two knee surgeries, one shoulder surgery, three low back stress fractures, and countless other joint and muscle injuries to deal with throughout my career. Throughout the 20 years of my athletic career, I worked with the best in the training and rehabilitation fields and learned many valuable lessons. One of these lessons was “how to progress”—when to push forward or push through and when to slow down or redirect training. This is vital when working with a population with injuries and/or limitations or even high-performance athletes that push their limits each day.

We have a specialized machine called THE GYROTONER® that has worked wonders on helping our hip replacement and shoulder impingement clients regain their strength and mobility. The levers on the machine move in a 3-dimensional way, training the shoulder to be stable and strong in every possible position. The leg swivels can be shortened and lengthened, and widened and narrowed to challenge and change the range of motion in the hips.

The Archway® is another specialized piece that aids in deeper stretching of the entire body but can also challenge you more athletically, comparable to gymnastic training. With hanging attachments, the client can use body weight to open up a compressed low back through many different positions and exercises as well as strengthen all connective musculature.

The Jumping Stretching Board® is another phenomenal tool that is designed to help build leg strength without stressing the hip, knee and ankle joints. Working as a 2-in-1 machine, the JSB can also be converted to stretch all the muscles of the lower body and upper body.

THE GYROTONIC® TOWER is the most versatile of them all. With nearly endless possibilities of exercises, this machine uses an adjustable bench with rotating handles and a pulley tower with multiple anchor points so clients can express their movements in the most comfortable and natural ways possible.

What sets GYROTONIC® apart from any other type of movement system or type of exercise is its multiple progression levels, continually challenging clients within their own ranges of capabilities and its endless adjustable setups. It has been designed in a way that any range of possibilities, from the disabled population to Olympic athletes, can immensely benefit. Clients will always discover new methods to stretch, stabilize, and strengthen their bodies in ways they never knew possible and move freely.

On the fitness side of RP, we, Melanie and L.B. (the owners and main trainers), have a very hands-on personal relationship with each person who walks through the door. We focus on providing a superior quality of service to each client in order to tailor programs to their specific needs. With L.B. having graduated from the University of Miami with a bachelor’s in Exercise Science and minor in Sports Medicine, as well as being certified as a personal trainer through the National Council on Strength and Fitness, and holding two separate Gyrotonic® certifications in addition to working as an exercise physiologist for Baptist Health South Florida, and Melanie holding multiple fitness certifications including Personal Training from the National Academy Of Sports Medicine, USA Weightlifting Level 2, Crossfit Level 1 and Gymnastics, and over 10 different Gyrotonic® certifications, along with the over 30 years of combined of athletic experience, we are extremely versatile and fully-loaded with tools to help you.

Our motto:

We do not compromise on the fundamentals. Training begins with a full fitness assessment to determine inconsistencies and unbalanced areas in the client’s body. Then, we begin by retraining in stabilization, balance, and core strength to provide a solid foundation for strength building.

Each session is tailor-made for each client on a daily basis instead of using the common training method of writing 4-week generalized programs. We consult with our clients after each session to see how they have responded to their workout, which determines how to best proceed. The program can always be redirected depending on soreness, fatigue, or goals, and sessions are constantly varied so the body is always adapting to a new stimulus that maximizes results.

Online/Satellite Programs

We are happy to offer clients all over the world an opportunity to train with us. We have Gyrotonic® clients who have access to equipment and schedule regular weekly video sessions with us. Through a screen, we are able to guide them through training sessions and keep them on track from the comfort of their locations and while they travel. For clients looking for a strength and conditioning, or fitness challenge, we offer online programming. Once a client contacts us and is personally evaluated through a virtual assessment, L.B. and I develop a personalized program suitable for them to complete either in their homes or at their gyms. This program has proven to be extremely successful with very busy clients, those working from home, and stay-at-home-moms. We have been able to help our clients lose over 400 pounds combined from our satellite training programs!

We welcome you to visit our website www.rinaldiperformance.com, or our Facebook and Instagram pages for more information regarding our services. We hope to connect with you soon!

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