Ella Magers didn’t set out to start a health
revolution when she came into this world, but her can-do spirit and never-wavering compassion for living things took hold
of her at seven years old and sparked an idea that she’s since carried with her every day of her life. At that tender young age, she connected the food on her plate with a living, breathing animal and never looked back. Her ingrained belief that, as humans, we should protect and love all living creatures soon led to a lifelong commitment to live well and be well. She became an advocate for preserving lives and learning all she could about the treatment of animals as it pertains to the agricultural industry and beyond. Vegan

Most notably, she researched and exposed the pervasive cruelties that exist in animal agriculture, and parlayed that information into what she’d one day call her calling – building
a platform to teach others how to live consciously and compassionately and change their lives in the process. Fitness had always been a part of her life, but not until she’d grown older and had a deeper understanding of what it truly meant


to live well and thrive, did she comprehend just how vital it
was to her overall wellbeing. Beginning with gymnastics and swimming at five years old, she developed a lifelong love of exercise. It was only naturally that she’d jump into the fitness industry a er school. That passion was a natural fit for her long- held belief that one should live with compassion for animals. She blended those two disciplines and used them as motivation to expound upon those ideas and create a base for what is now a very successful health and wellness business that not only revolutionizes how her clients move and eat, but gives them all the tools they need to live more compassionate lives. Vegan

The motivation that prompted her to begin a health movement still resonates with her today. The treatment of animals still weighs heavily on her because unfortunately the atrocities she

discovered long ago still continue in the world today, although not as pervasive as they once were. She also firmly believes that the devastating environmental impact of animal agriculture


Ella’s ability to inspire others is natural. Through example
and solid fact-based information, she is the epitome of one who lives a balanced life. She is both strong and lean. She demonstrates what it is to treat yourself well and to treat animals and agriculture well while also living in the “real world” and battling “real-life” problems. Adversity and hardships are. Vegan

on our planet is still a motivating factor as her business grows and the numbers of lives she’s directly impacted also increases. Her belief that we should not eat in a way that harms animals carries over into her belief that we should also eat in a way that doesn’t harm our bodies. For her, eating a balanced plant- based diet is the best possible thing we can do for ourselves, our health, our energy, our skin, and, on a deeper level, our spirits, which is the whole base of what she aims to teach her clients. This comprehensive approach to living and being well


is what she teaches her clients and is ultimately what changes their lives for the better. Vegan

a natural part of living, but for Ella, they are not the end-all and be-all. They instead are motivators to do what is best for you, your body, and the environment.

Everyone makes mistakes, but with Ella’s tools, clients learn that they can overcome temporary setbacks. It’s never too late to educate themselves, make conscious decisions, and do what is right for them. Her desire to teach others to live a balanced and conscious life is the over-arching theme of her life-changing programs.

By: Andres Portillo

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