Stress is unavoidable. We all experience it at some time or another. No matter how hard we try to keep it hidden, it almost always manifests into something else. If not released, it often comes back to haunt us.

Sure, you have heard of the countless methodologies there are to relieve stress – exercise, reading books, and meditation – but what if none of those work for us? What if there was a highly successful, unconventional method to relieving stress and anxiety that was also fun? Well, there is! You do not need any specialized equipment or skills. You do not even have to leave your house. All you have to do is belt out your favorite song – the one you do not tell your friends about – and sing! Yes, sing!

We bet you had no idea how many benefits there are to sing? For starters, it is proven to calm nerves, release endorphins (the pleasure hormone), release oxytocin (the hormone that’s directly linked to anxiety and stress levels in your body), and it eases the symptoms of panic attacks. If you add some movement like dancing or even nodding your head to the beat, you are upping the feel-good quotient and giving your body the extra boost it needs to take the edge off and get you back into the right headspace. Go ahead. Give it a try. Let’s release tension from all over your body now.


Researchers have found that when people participate in voice lessons, their stress levels are lower compared to those who do not. Singing becomes a form of therapy for them. It is their go-to ‘treatment,’ so to speak. They are touting the benefits to others and creating a movement much like those who practice yoga. Why not join the fun and release any hidden stress your body and mind may be harboring? No need to fester or simmer under the surface. Get out, join a group, take lessons, or turn up the music and sing your heart out!

It does not matter what kind of music you listen to, what song you sing, or how off-key you might be. All that matters is that you do it. Embrace the joy singing can bring and watch as it lifts your spirits, makes you laugh, eases your tension, and makes you feel great overall.

Everyone deserves a little fun. No one hears the same piece of music in the same way, and no one can be a more prominent advocate for your health than you. The power of singing is a proven stress reliever and mood booster. Use it to help you relax. Fine tune it if you must, but never forget that it is your voice, your lesson to be learned, your time to change your emotions, release negative energy, heal your heart and soul, and to process grief. Singing works for all occasions, good or bad. It is the ultimate emotional expression that won’t ever be detrimental to your health or life.

Now that you know the benefits, it is time to put your voice to sound work. Don’t worry about signing up for a class or joining a choir just yet. For now, experiment with the idea of singing. Practice and see how it makes you feel. Once you are more comfortable with it, follow it wherever it takes you. Let your heart sing and your body and mind heal one note at a time.

By Cassandra Claude

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