Sleep deprivation is real. We all experience it at one time or another. As we get older, we tend to over-commit and over-work. Therefore, we end up looking haggard and weary, and no place is it more present than in the dark, heavy circles under our eyes. As unattractive as they are, they’re not the end of the world.

We have a solution to get rid of the sleep deprivation dead giveaway. This is not a drill. This will work if done properly. Soon, your eyes will return to big, beautiful rays of sunshine everyone has always complimented you on.

After several weeks of experimentation, some epic failures, a couple of interesting results, and finally a win, we have the perfect solution for you. The best news of all, you won’t have to spend an extra dime to do it.

Dark Circles
Dark Circles

Without further ado, here is the plan:

01 Go to bed earlier.

We know. We know. This is an obvious solution. We also know you will protest because you’re too busy, you have too much work to get done, there aren’t enough hours in the day as it is. Trust us; we thought the same things too. But give it a week. You won’t believe the difference that getting a few extra zzz’s will do for your health and to help eliminate those totally preventable dark circles. Try it. Reschedule your day so you can get to sleep an hour earlier. Turn off all electronics, push emails out of your mind, turn off the lights, and relax. After a couple of nights, your circadian rhythm will change and help you ease into sleep naturally as you progress. Do this for a week, and you’ll notice a difference.

02 Cut the caffeine.

We have fooled ourselves into believing we need it to get by, but we promise you, you won’t die without it. There are healthy replacements like green tea. And guess what? It has natural caffeine, i.e., healthy caffeine. Who knew? As soon you clear the caffeine out of your system, you’ll find that you no longer feel jittery and your energy levels will increase as a result.

03 Increase your water intake.

You already know all the benefits of water, but do you know how great it is for your skin. It keeps it supple and hydrated, thus, helping to eliminate dark circles. That’s great news! To ensure you drink enough, prepare your water bottles ahead of time and leave them in your refrigerator. Drink a liter before each meal, and you’ll be right on track to better health.

04 Cucumber slices aren’t just for salads.

Use them on your eyes to help you cool off and hydrate the area. They’ve been known to decrease inflammation and get rid of dry, puffy skin. After you’ve washed your face, place a cucumber slice on each eye for ten minutes. Add it to your nightly beauty routine.

05 No more sugar!

You don’t need it! Cut it all out of your diet.

There, that’s it! That’s the recipe to get rid of dark circles for good.

By Lauren Kasis

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