I you could choose anyone spa treatment, what would it be? THALAXOTERM? Perhaps one to relax or to cleanse or to look better. Maybe one that helps improve your overall health. To choose just one treatment is like ignoring all the others, like taking care of only one aspect of your health instead of all aspects of your health.

Incredibly, the Thalaxoterm is an experience that deeply relaxes the entire body and mind and detoxifies the body through multiple therapies delivered simultaneously. A single session can facilitate weight loss, reduce edema and inflammation, improve circulation, and reduce cellulite’s appearance by smoothing and toning the skin. The heat of the system opens the pores and allows the steam to penetrate and expel impurities.

Since ancient times, steam has been recognized for its ability to soothe the body, relax muscles and help the body release toxins.

The famous philosopher and doctor Hippocrates understood the power of steam and considered its use as the base for all medical treatments. Since then, steam baths have proven to be one of the best natural therapies to invigorate and relax the body and soul. The term SPA is a Roman term meaning Salus per Aquam – Health by Water.

Throughout history, hydrotherapy has made its way worldwide, each culture altering the therapy with its variation to bring about the best results possible. Even mud has been incorporated to clarify, smooth, and rejuvenate the skin. The alternation of cold and hot temperatures exercises the circulatory and lymphatic systems and balances the nervous and hormonal systems.

Thalaxoterm is unique in providing multiple treatments designed around steam bathing to relax and cleanse the body. It combines the benefits of steam with mud wraps and aroma, light and sound therapies to provide a full range of detoxifying therapeutic treatments. Different treatments are done at different temperatures to provide the best results possible. And to truly personalize the experience, Thalaxoterm is a multifunctional steam therapy unit equipped with a hand-held shower with 18 pre-programmed temperature controls.

Isn’t it refreshing to know that you can now spend less time in a spa yet receive so many benefits?

With Thalaxoterm, you enter stressed, tense, impure, and depart uniquely relaxed without the stresses of life taking their toll and leaving the toxins of life behind.

By Lorena Martin


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