Beauty experts who specialize in image, health, and living well share with us their top suggestions and secrets.

February brings a whole new meaning and appreciation for love, reminding us that the only way to love fully is to love yourself first. Self-love and respect stem from a level of self-care and consistency. Finding health and beauty routines that are adaptable and conducive to your lifestyle allows you to feel great, look radiant and act with confidence. Therefore Healthy Magazine brings you TIPS FROM THE TOP Health & Beauty Experts.

Fortunately, Healthy Magazine connected with industry leaders and role models Health & Beauty Experts, who believe in the power of dedication and a positive perspective to achieve Health & Beauty. These empowered people who specialize in image, health, and living well share with us their top suggestions and secrets.

“Explore new methods! Add fenugreek foliage or fenugreek seed powder in three glasses of hot water and bring to a boil. Strain it and use this magical potion to wash your face daily. This homemade cleaner will nourish and deep clean your skin and helps your pores breathe.”

“High interval training three times a week for maximum results.” -Dr. Michael Choi, Bariatric Surgeon

“Be grateful and keep a journal. Every morning, I suggest five minutes of sun, followed by the Pilates abdominal five series and side-lying leg series. Also, set time aside to pray to the universe for clarity, healing, and protection throughout the day.” -Amy Bloom, Fitness Professional, PMA-CPT, RYT.

“Always keep a set of spoons in your freezer. In the morning, place them over your eyes, and any coloring or puffiness will be gone, guaranteed!” -Kalyna Sanajko, The Kalyna Agency CEO

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TOP Health & Beauty Experts

“Smiling. It’s both my beauty and my health tip. Studies show it’s a great way to boost your mood and your immune system, and relieve stress, and it’s my favorite makeup.” -Ambyr D’Amato, Yoga Teacher and Musician.

“Today, cigarettes and obesity are the two leading avoidable causes of premature death. Regular physical activity, such as a walk each day for twenty minutes, would improve the quality and quantity of everyone’s life.”

“Eat cultured veggies, like sauerkraut or kimchi, and maintain a clean diet filled with lots of colorful food.”-Arianne Traverso, Wellness Consultant, and Yoga Teacher

“Optimizing your health with the right balance between hormones, the proper supplements (if needed), stress control, exercise, and healthy food choices is the key to elite wellness..” -Dr. Jaclyn Tolentino, EliteHealth Physician

“Do something for yourself every day.” Emily Nolan, Chief Empowerment Officer for

“Hydration! Start each day with lemon water (warm is best.). Consume 10-12 glasses of water each day for great energy, digestion, and skin complexion.”

“Use an energizing face mask pre-bedtime to give your skin a little pick me up!” -Julie Wolvek, Marketing Manager.

“Do what you love…in every single moment. We are always in choice. Remember to follow your heart.” -Cristina Ramirez, Community Connector at Lululemon Athletica.

“Create a fantastic realistic sleep routine that works best for you. Also, tell the truth! Lying creates wrinkles.” -Kelly Ann Charles, Alternative Lifestyle Mentor.

“Two words. Hair dye.” -Amanda Weisenthal, EMT and CPT

“Balance! Mastering the Art of Balance and enjoying life while keeping a healthy mind, body, and soul.”-Matthew R. Bennington, Professional Trainer.

“Sleep on an empty stomach. By finishing your consumption three hours prior to bedtime, your body will produce more melatonin and HGH (human growth hormone). This helps to burn fat, boost your metabolism, produce more cells, and it keeps you young!” -Noura Salman, Health Coach and CPA

“Start each day with five moments of gratitude. Appreciate the little things throughout your day and remember to practice deep breathing!” -Caroline Bastien, Spa Supervisor at Edition Hotel

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“In terms of hair, it’s not how much you cut but the hair you leave that matters. There’s nothing better for your look than stunning hair that’s been well conditioned and styled.” -Duper Osorio, Hairstylist at Oribe Salon

“Move your spine mindfully every day with deep breaths and the most important one…self-love.” -Jodi Carey, Yoga and Spiritual Teacher

“Sauna sessions! Sit in a high-heat sauna for 10-15 minutes followed by a 2-3-minute ice cold shower. Alternating between the two helps to detoxify the body and make your skin glow. Add some slow stretching in the sauna for both your body and mind.” -Dr. Julie Jacko, Owner of Barre Motion

“Pre-workout, consume complex carbs in order to sustain your energy for 2-3 hours. Post workout, eat simple carbs to spike your sugar and protein to maintain lean muscle.” -Bobby Kitrick, CPT

“Morning meditation and an afternoon nap keep spirit, mind and body refreshed, and minimizes wrinkles!” -Renea Perry LMT, Yoga and Meditation Teacher

“Getting adjusted regularly keeps your joints moving and reduces the likelihood of arthritis.” -Dr. Corey Narson, Chiropractor

“Take essential fatty acids (Quality is key!). They’re great for keeping skin clear, plump and vibrant. Fatty acids are also great internally for hormone and immune function along with fighting inflammation.” -Brittany Martinez, PharmD, CPh, FMNM, Anti-Aging and Hormone Expert

“Go vegan! A whole foods vegan diet is my formula for a lean, strong, energized body as well as long-term health. By nourishing our bodies with whole plant foods and cutting out animal products, we can actually decelerate the aging process.” –Ella Magers, Fitness Professional and Author

“Invest wisely in good products and work out once a day! Use skin products that make you feel and look amazing. Currently, I’m using 24K, which contains collagen and gold! Remember to stay on top of your regimen while traveling.”

-Adi Zilberberg, Strategic Brand Consultant

“Exercise your mind every day.” -Aphrodite Jones, TV Host

“Daily exercise or yoga along with a healthy diet (I suggest vegetarian!). Equally as important, always finding time for R&R. Resting and relaxation are the keys for healing and enhancing your real beauty.”-Victoria Brunacci, Director of Synergy Yoga South Beach

“Take regular detox baths. Enjoy a simple mixture of epsom salts with a few drops of lavender essential oil for relaxation. Perfect for an affordable at-home spa experience and ideal for bringing balance back to the mind, body and soul.” -Amanda Harris, Director of Communications EAST, Miami.

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