With the addition of the balloon sinus surgery procedure to the ENT arsenal, sinus surgery has truly been revolutionized. What used to be an out-patient procedure with a week or more of recovery, has become an office procedure with virtually only hours of recovery. TURNER


Dr. Turner Wright at the core is a true blooded and die hard Texan. Originally, he is a country boy from his old stomping grounds, San Angelo, TX. As a “baby Dr. Wright” he began practicing in Mississippi, but always had the desire to get back to Texas. Valley Ear, Nose & Throat offered him the opportunity to come back home. Dr. Wright now considers the Valley home after living and practicing medicine here for 12 years. He gets to enjoy the great outdoors where he can hunt and fish in his play time. “I love living here—I love the people, the culture, and I am fortunate enough to have a great group of partners to practice alongside of.”


During Dr. Wright’s freshman year at A&M, he considered becoming an attorney, but when he saw what the practice of law was really about, he chose a different path and dedicated himself to the field of Otolaryngology. He jokingly says the fact that he could wear “pajamas” to the office everyday made him want to become a surgeon. What truly appealed to Dr. Wright about becoming an Otolaryngologist was the variety in the specialty. “I take care of little kids with little problems that make a big difference in their lives, the 40-year-old with sinus disease, as well as the 80-year-old with neck cancer.”


For more than 20 years, Dr. Wright has been performing traditional sinus surgery in the OR. He now offers Balloon Sinuplasty, an innovative and breakthrough procedure that opens sinus passages in 15 minutes right in his clinic. He has seen phenomenal results for those suffering nasal obstruction, sinus pressure, and chronic infections. The best part is most of his patients are able to return to their normal activity that afternoon and back to work the next day. Dr. Wright has integrated state of the art technology, the Fusion ENT Navigation System to balloon sinuplasty, which has significantly increased the precision and safety he is able to deliver to patients. TURNER


Dr. Wright has served most of the Valley, from Brownsville to Rio Grande City. He is a senior partner at Valley Ear, Nose & Throat, the oldest ENT establishment in South Texas providing the most comprehensive and modern ENT care. Dr. Picou, Dr. Rowin, Dr. Sorce, Dr. Hemer, Dr. Glatz, Dr. Lynn-Macrae, and Dr. Milov are all partners of his that continue to collaboratively grow the practice.

Dr. Wright graduated from medical school at UT-Southwestern Dallas and fulfilled his internship in Houston at the University of Texas Medical Center in General Surgery. TURNER

He successfully completed his residency in ENT at the well-renowned Duke University Medical Center. Dr. Wright currently serves as a board member for Doctors Hospital at Renaissance.

Dr. Wright has an older sister and two younger brothers that followed his footsteps becoming distinguished physicians as well. His greatest source of joy and light, are his three beautiful daughters. When asked about his personal inspiration, he answered, “My dad. He taught me that to get what you want in life you have to work hard and stay focused. He instilled the values of hard work, putting the needs of others first and treating every patient as if they were a member of my own family.”

Dr. Wright’s advice to readers: “Don’t use cotton swabs in your ears and if you do don’t admit to me. You don’t have to live with chronic nasal congestion, headaches or facial pain. With the addition of the balloon sinus surgery procedure to the ENT arsenal, sinus surgery has truly been revolutionized.

By Lora Incardona

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