A non-surgical alternative that uses ultrasound to actually lift loose or sagging skin on the neck, under the chin and above the eyebrow. With no downtime. Ultherapy

Most people are familiar with terms like Botox, microdermabrasion and skin brushing, but many may not have heard of Ultratherapy. As we age, our collagen production decreases, causing noticeable sagging in our skin. Ultratherapy is the ‘antidote,’ if you will, for that.


What it does is stimulate collagen production through highly targeted ultrasound therapies that inflict injury with thermal heat to the areas most affected like the neck and face. While the terminology may sound brutal, the application is not. The ultrasound treatment helps to lift the sagging skin back to elasticity. It will tighten the areas, create plumpness where it once was and fill in any unsightly cavities. Soon, your skin will look as youthful as it once did. You’ll see a marked improvement over time. Treatment usually consists of several sessions over a three to six-month period. Ultherapy

How much does something like this cost?

That depends on the areas that you want to treat and how much of that surface area you want to address. Most commonly, it can cost anywhere between $500. 00 for small areas and up to several thousand for larger areas.

Procedures come with risks. Bear that in mind before deciding to have a treatment done, but if your goal is to look and feel better, this treatment may be worth the risk. There is discomfort involved. The practitioner will use a transducer wand to direct the ultrasound to the treatment area; wich is reported to be the most painful part of the procedure. You will be given a pain medication before the procedure and will likely go home with some pain medication. All in all, treatments should take no longer than a regular office visit. You might experience some swelling and discoloration initially, so don’t plan on returning to the office immediately after your procedure.

It can take weeks, even months before you’ll see any noticeable changes in the treatment areas, but understand that good things take time. Nothing happens overnight.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to Ultherapy. Your results may be vastly different from someone else’s experience. They may not have experienced any pain or swelling, but that doesn’t mean you won’t either. We age differently. For some of us, the skin sagging is disproportionate to our body mass. Remember this is your treatment, your process, and your body. Don’t compare what happened to one to what happens to you. And, for all that is holy, don’t choose the first practitioner you meet without vetting them first.

Sit down, have a conversation, discuss your expectations, talk about your fears, and get recommendations. As with any other health concern, you do not want to go into this lightly and find out later that it wasn’t for you. Always make a serious, educated decision that will have lasting effects – good or bad. Make an informed decision. Be your own advocate. You won’t regret it!

By Maydeline Moreno


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