It’s vitally important for women to be at the peak of their health when they are planning to become pregnant. This is also true for those who use fertility treatments to help them conceive. FERTILITY


This is why Dr. Juergen Eisermann, founder and medical director of IVFMD South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine, has joined with Marta Montenegro, MS. An internationally known nutrition, fitness and wellness specialist, to create a new service that enhances his already successful fertility practice. Of over 20 years.

“I am very honored to be working with Dr. Eisermann and his team of seven physicians on his new program, which is a culmination of the years I’ve spent. Working on how to use nutrition health, fitness and lifestyle to enhance fertility treatments,” said Montenegro.


“We’ve learned over time that fertility treatments that lead to normal pregnancies depend on a number of factors. These include good nutrition and healthy body composition, and that is where Montenegro’s expertise comes in,” said Dr. Eisermann, whose center is among the largest reproductive medicine practices in South Florida.

As the Institute’s lifestyle consultant, nutritional specialist and exercise physiologist, Montenegro works one-on-one, on-site, with prospective parents. To optimize their health, thus enhancing their probabilities of becoming pregnant and having healthy babies. This is especially important considering the busy lives that women tend to lead, Montenegro noted.


“In society today, we are delaying more and more pregnancies because of our professional goals. But after the age of 35, a woman may feel young and look young but her fertility has decreased. Fertility options are far better now than years ago but it’s still a challenge for a physician to bring a. Couple’s dream to life. So, I do all I can in terms of nutrition, supplementation, exercise and overall lifestyle to increase the success possibilities. Of those treatments,” added Montenegro.

Dr. Eisermann firmly believes that preconception counseling is not only important for couples that are planning to conceive naturally but that. It is equally important for all of his patients as well, which is why he started the pilot project with. Montenegro.

“We are one of the few reproductive medicine practices that has incorporated the field of preconception medicine into a practice for women who are not able to get pregnant on their own,” said Dr. Eisermann.


So, we knew that she would be an excellent enhancement to our program,” Dr. Eisermann added.

Montenegro graduated from Florida International University magna cum laude with a master’s degree in exercise physiology and is now an adjunct professor there. In addition, she is a cardiac rehabilitation specialist and holds several certifications from the world’s top nutrition, health and fitness organizations, testifying to her expertise in nutrition, strength and conditioning, and lifestyle consulting.

Montenegro writes an award-winning blog at, where she conveys the latest news and research that demonstrate the best ways to adopt and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Montenegro’s interest in helping women who wish to conceive goes back to her life in her native Venezuela, where she owned and operated a successful wellness center. “When I started my practice in Venezuela, I worked with doctors focusing on how exercise and nutrition could impact various health conditions.


“Having the right diet and supplements are not necessarily a magic bullet that can resolve fertility issues but those elements make an impact on so many health conditions, helping to turn the odds in favor of becoming pregnant,” she said.

For instance, Montenegro noted that as a woman ages, her estrogen decreases, her metabolism slows down and she adds more fat to the abdomen, all which set the stage for other medical ailments in addition impacting fertility. “We know that by changing our diets we can delay a lot of diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes, so we want to use this tool to hopefully enhance fertility as well,” Montenegro said.

I counsel them to decrease the duration and intensity. So your body protects you from becoming pregnant,” she said.

But the responsibility does not only fall to the women. Montenegro also helps the men involved. “Men, who for many years live sedentary lives and excessively drink alcohol and/or eat junk food, often suddenly realize they may face fertility issues too. Men always think it is the woman’s problem, but there are things they need to do to preserve their fertility as well,” she added.

By Charlotte Libov

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