For thousands of years, practitioners in south asia and beyond have used vetiver oil because of its natural-born healing properties. The sacred herb is plentiful in leaves and roots that are used to cool those living in extreme tropical settings. It has also been found to aid in soothing aching joints, to treat skin blemishes from burns to rashes to discolorations to scrapes, and in treating those who suffer from overexposure to the sun.

Many people claim that vetiver oil has also shown to boost energy. Most recently, research has suggested that it may aid in the treatment of ADHD and ADD as well as act to treat some of the severe symptoms of both. That use Brain also translates to treating insomnia and increasing libido. There’s a direct correlation between its use and the remarkable benefits derived from it.

These plants are ubiquitous in some regions of the world. They can grow to be over four feet high with long stems and thin leaves. Unlike many plants in these areas, vetiver roots grow downward into the soil, which makes it highly drought-tolerant Brain and has been proven to protect the soil from erosion. Brain with its deep roots firmly planted in the ground, this miracle plant can stave off mudslides and rockfalls.

Vetiver oil goes through a unique process before use. The healing oil is distilled from the plant’s roots, releasing dozens of the main healing components.

These components have an impressive list of benefits.

1. Antioxidants: These substances prevent specific types of cell damage caused by oxidation.

2. Heal scars and imperfections quickly: It prevents and removes dark spots and marks from acne and pox by generating skin and tissue.

3. Treat symptoms of ADHD: The calming agents help to combat symptoms such as concentration issues, diminished focus, and distractibility.

4. Increase libido

5. Boost the immune and nervous systems

6. Soothe anxiety


The woody and earthy aroma of vetiver oil contributes to some of the healing properties. Scents have always played a vital role in our emotions. Certain scents, Brain like that of vetiver oil, have aided in soothing muscle and joint aches and pains, treating arthritis pain, calming simple headaches and migraines, and have aided in reducing fevers either by scent or by application to the affected areas.

The vetiver plant also has more practical uses. At one time, it was used to thatch roofs and make rugs, baskets, and curtains. Its durability makes it ideal for holding liquids and fabricating sturdy furniture. Coffee, tea, and cocoa plantations have used it to control weeds Brain by using it as a barrier in the form of a thick mat for protection. Its pest repellant properties also help to protect the crops.

You don’t have to travel to remote areas of the world to find this miracle plant. It can be found locally at health stores and purchased online from various retailers. When shopping, be sure to look for reputable sources and ensure that you’re ordering the one hundred percent organic variation.

By Roxana Benjumea

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