Dr. Vladimir Turovskiy

Dr. Vladimir Turovskiy Acupuncture Physician serves as the head of Oriental Medicine at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort. His approach at this new clinic shifts the traditional paradigm of the Medical Spa. With medical procedures in the Spa, to one that utilizes Spa Medicine, a revolutionary plan laid out in the following interview.

Dr. Vladimir Turovskiy has been practicing integrative medicine for over 20 years and is a worldwide leader in the field. When visiting Carillon Miami, you will have access to his team and a far-reaching base of knowledge. The amenities a spa guest receives include a rooftop adults-only pool and the European Thermal Experience. The thermal experience is one of the country’s largest hydrotherapy circuits with nine hot and cold suites. The best feature, they stimulate circulation, relieve pain, decrease stress, and rejuvenate the body.

For the layperson who doesn’t know much about integrative medicine, how would you introduce your practice to them and what are some key aspects that make this holistic approach worthwhile?

The central aspect of integrative medicine is its concentration on optimizing bodily functions. We approach health as the absence of disease and an optimal state of physical, mental, and emotional functioning.
Our approach starts with a comprehensive diagnosis based on modern testing such as MRI and other imaging and in-depth blood work. These advanced tests help determine food intolerances, hormonal functions, brain chemical activities, and genetic makeup. After a traditional Oriental medicine diagnosis and modern computer energy analysis, we get an integrative diagnosis, creating a robust science-based treatment program.

Our approach to treatment is what I call the 4 I’s of Integrative medicine.

Dr. Vladimir Turovskiy

Individual.  We design treatment plans based on the unique patient’s situation; we treat a person, not a disease.

Inclusive. According to the patient’s unique needs, all treatments available are included, modern and traditional, from Western and Oriental medical systems.

Intense. The inclusion of the treatments creates a synergistic approach that produces the most results in the least time for this individual patient.

Involved. Each patient’s input is encouraged from the get-go. Creating a treatment plan for lifestyle changes and dietary modifications along the way. It is collaborative work.

Can you tell us what’s unique about your approach to Oriental medicine?

Dr. Vladimir Turovskiy

My unique approach stems from my background and education. My conventional medical training and work in physical medicine allow me to sort through the patient’s history’s traditional medical data to create an accurate diagnosis.
I am trained in different approaches to Oriental medicine. I graduated from two acupuncture colleges and a year of long post-graduate training in Japanese acupuncture. These trainings allow me to integrate different styles of acupuncture based on particular patient needs.

I also received extensive training in many other treatment methods used in modern Oriental medicine. Such treatments include physical therapy, exercise physiology, nutrition, clinical hypnotherapy, manual therapy, and bio-puncture injections. These add to my patient’s benefits and allows them to receive the best possible care from many treatment approaches.

As Oriental Medicine is becoming more accepted as a viable alternative, are there any misconceptions about the practice you’d like to clear up?

Dr. Vladimir Turovskiy

Oriental Medicine

First of all, I don’t view it as an alternative. Oriental medicine promotes the body’s natural healing abilities and vital functions as the ultimate integrative approach and can quickly be a part of a patient’s existing care. Another misconception is the view of acupuncture and Oriental medicine as “unscientific.” With thousands of years of history and vast populations of people relying on it throughout China, Korea, India, Japan, and other Eastern countries, Oriental medicine has the longest track record of any medical system in the history of humankind.

One more misconception is that acupuncture, the most well-known practice within Oriental medicine, is painful:

  1. Exaggeration on the degree of discomfort. 
  2. Some of the styles I practice are even more gentle, including the one in which needles never even get inserted at all.
  3. Modern methods such as laser and electronic acupuncture are no-needle methods, so it is suitable for young children, the elderly, and extremely fragile patients.

Can you tell us a bit about the different services you provide at Carillon Miami?

Dr. Vladimir Turovskiy

Oriental Medicine

Along with Integrative Oriental Medicine, we provide some unique treatments within the Spa of Carillon Resort.
Floatation is a unique relaxation treatment. It creates an intense meditative environment as one weightlessly floats in an Epsom salt tank—evolving into an even more profound experience known as sensory deprivation, which has tremendous benefits for emotional health, healing of trauma, and the enhancement of creative and intuitive abilities. One of our tanks provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to have more than one floatation experience.

We also offer

  • Infrared therapy through an infrared sauna. Infrared Himalayan salt treatments for detoxification – weight loss and pain therapy.
  • Whole-body and local cryotherapy. Induced weight loss, inflammation reduction, stimulation of the immune system, and face rejuvenation are among many benefits of this excellent therapy that provides quite an energy boost and fatigue relief that’s quite necessary for this Miami heat.
  • Cryoskin.  The latest advanced European technology for cellulite treatment, problem spot reduction, and fat loss.

Tell us a bit about your team at Carillon.

Elaine Kroytor, our Holistic therapist, has a long experience in            electro-sound lymphatic therapy. Elaine also supervises and coordinates our team, providing cryo and other treatments.

Our team includes a health coach, cosmetology, yoga instructors, nutritionists, Oriental medicine experts, and other wellness and health experts. 

Who should consider visiting you at Carillon?

Many patients come to us as a “last resort,” with various chronic conditions they could not get relief from elsewhere. While this work is extremely satisfying to me as a physician of Oriental medicine, we are trying to create a new concept of Spa medicine within Carillon, where educated patients are coming not in need to treat a particular problem but as a preventative measure. Even better, prevent disease and slow the aging process and enhance functions to create a better quality of life with more happiness and productivity at work and home.

How did the collective approach in Moscow contribute to your strategy today?

Dr. Vladimir Turovskiy

Dr. Vladimir Turovskiy

My work in the most advanced orthopedic hospital in the Soviet Union, participating in the rehabilitation of Soviet athletes and ballet dancers, taught me the significant benefits of collaborative care. Not just occasional counciliums for difficult cases but daily meetings of entire treatment teams from operating surgeons to physical therapists, physiatrists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and rehab technicians produced exceptional treatment outcomes even in the absence of the latest medical equipment. Medicine is an art, and the quality of providers far outweighs the technological capabilities.

What is it about Carillon Miami that makes it the ideal place for your clinic?

Carillon Miami is the ultimate place for me to develop a life-enhancing approach to health care. Not only is it a beautiful facility designed explicitly for destination wellness, but it is a team of dedicated staff from wellness concierge to trainers and therapists who make it easy to provide and receive the best wellness care available. This comes as a result of the resort ownership and management. We at Carillon see wellness not as a side business to the hotel but as a centerpiece of this unique facility. And as a result, Carillon attracts guests and residents who share the same values from all over the world, just as it becomes more popular with local health enthusiasts.

Dr. Vladimir Turovskiy


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