Painful menstruation, or dysmenorrhea, is defined as a medical condition in which the regular menses periods come with intolerable pain that limits daily activities. Primary dysmenorrhea can occur in women from the first menses to age 19, with the pain generally occurring a few hours before the period begins. Dysmenorrhea can also start after 20 years of age and is usually related to organic illness, with occurring pain days before beginning the menstrual period.

Twenty-five percent of females have been affected by this distressful situation. Painful menstruation disrupts and affects women’s works and activities. Furthermore, it affects 67.2% of teenagers, with 14% of them missing days of school.

Oriental medicine defines dysmenorrhea as a blockage of energy.
acupuncture for painful menstruation
acupuncture for painful menstruation
Menses should be smooth and not blocked by pain. Sometimes the blockage is due to a mass obstruction that requires surgery if the mass is big. If the mass is small Oriental medicine and acupuncture can help.

In Oriental medicine, the cause of menstrual pain is seen in a different way than in Western Medicine. It can be blamed on different conditions like emotional disorder, irregular diet, trauma or accident. A meridian, especially the Ren, Chong or Du channels that originate from the uterus.

When the Ren and Chong channels are blocked energy stagnated by excess dampness or blood stagnation. To touch before the start of the period When the Ren and Chong are blocked due to overwork or deficiency or gets worse; this pain is dull, generalized and wants to be touched.

When the pain is due to accumulation of cold in the uterus. The pain is sharp and cramping, is located in the lower abdomen and can come with chills.

By Consuelo Camarillo de Gonzalez Lic. A.C.

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