Health Center Offers Annual Well-Woman Visits

Women’s Healthcare at Care Resource. An annual well-woman visit is an essential part of maintaining a holistic approach to wellness. Care Resource’s Medical Providers honors the mind-body connection, treats the whole person, using a variety of clinically proven methods.

These visits provide a unique opportunity for women to receive important preventive care that includes a full checkup, a comprehensive conversation about health habits, family history, and goals.

These visits also provide an additional opportunity for women to seek further information on self-care that includes diet, exercise, and behavioral health.

To recognize Women’s Health Day on Saturday, November 21, the “Florida Mammography Mobile” will be at our office in Fort Lauderdale from 9:00am to 2:00pm to provide no-cost 3D mammograms and Pap smears to patients and women in the community that qualify. Patients can schedule an onsite well-woman appointment. Pap smears are also available at the MammoVan.
Women’s Healthcare
Women’s Healthcare

According to Sheryl Zayas, DO, Medical Director with Care Resource, “Women have unique health issues. These include pregnancy, menopause, and conditions affecting the female organs. Some of the health issues that affect both men and women can present differently in women. For example, heart attacks more frequently present without chest pain.

It is extremely important for women to have preventative care so that underlying health conditions do not go unrecognized. We believe our patients have a right to high quality care that is comprehensive, compassionate, and convenient.”

The health center serves all individuals at various places on the spectrum of gender identity and expression. Depending upon one’s unique needs, this Women’s Healthcare visit is also a time to discuss concerns about behavioral and reproductive health.

To increase accessibility, curbside check-in has become available at our centers in Little Havana and Ft. Lauderdale to help patients become further protected from the transmission of infectious diseases, including COVID-19.

Our medical providers are prepared to address the health needs of women – from adolescence to menopause and beyond.

About Care Resource:

Care Resource is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization and a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) with four locations in Midtown Miami, Little Havana, Miami Beach, and Fort Lauderdale. The health center provides comprehensive health and support services to address the full health care needs of South Florida’s pediatric, adolescent, and adult populations.

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