When we hear the word yoga, we usually think of healthy elastic bodies that, with gentle, rhythmic movements, promise to relax from everyday stress. Really


It is a personal choice to do yoga or not. Maybe you’re unsure if you actually want to try it, or perhaps you just don’t have enough motivation to get to your first class.

Generally, there is the idea that yoga is only for those who are already in good physical condition, for those who are already flexible and strong, and many think that yoga cannot deliver the physical results that other disciplines promote. These are some of the many misconceptions that prevent people from going to the mat and enjoying one of the oldest and most complete disciplines in history. Really

I have to be vegetarian: NO

Yoga is a religion: NO

I have to stop a particular habit or do something specific to practice yoga: NO

I have to learn another language – Sanskrit for example: NO

There is an age limit for starting: NO

Yoga is a journey from the outside to the inside, a journey through the senses. Really

We invite you to experience for yourself that the following are true:

In just 4 weeks, you’ll have increased strength, flexibility and endurance.

You’ll enjoy the discovery of deep breathing.

You’ll discover what it is to have a relaxed body with an alert mind.

What keeps bringing us back again and again to the yoga mat is the experience of an intense workout and the wellness of deep breathing, which translate into an alert and vigorous mind. What we take from the yoga mat and incorporate into our daily lives is that we have discovered harmony within ourselves as well as with the world around us. It’s all about being HAPPY!


By Blanca Ramirez

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